We are all foodies, and the mere mention of food makes us emanate that broad, sly smile. A lot of other actions of ours also revolve around food, and for the love of it, we do some really crazy things. Don’t even get me started on the quirks of eating out, because that brings into picture a different level of insanity and estate system. Differentiating between fine dining and casual dining restaurants is a constant struggle, and there’s so much more.

The comedians say it better than I do, so here’s presenting to you some comedic performances, that talk all about the love for food, the oddities of eating out and the eccentricities of foodies and food bloggers.

1. Superwomen: You Know You Love Food When

Yes, she gets us. One of the surefire signs of falling in love is when you revolve the rest of your life around the one you love.

2. Kenny Sebastian: Middle Class Restaurant Problems

Middle class is perhaps an area of study and an interesting one at that. Our food habits are otherworldly and even the waiter discriminates over who he should hand over the menu to.

3. Wannabe Anonymous: Food Bloggers and Punjabis

These guys understand how difficult it is to be a foodie and an intellectual Punjabi at that. Why the audience was packed with that breed was beyond them, since there was no liquor around. And then they thank us bloggers for the work that we are doing for the society. You’re welcome, guys!

4. Superwoman: Types of Eaters

In case we haven’t told you, we love Superwoman and for all the right reasons. We gave you a list of all her food-revering videos before, but this one elicits repetition. Watch as she categorises all ya foodies out there.

5. AIB: Honest Bars and Restaurants

The AIB guys are brutal, curt and spot-on. This video is literally an uncooked, raw version of all your feelings as you order your food, whether over phone or in a restaurant.

6. Sapan Verma: Why Alcohol is Awesome

Because, the best part is when everyone is drunk and you are not.