Technology and a desire to improve culinary experience drive each other. For example, check out this Juice ATM in LA. Lately social media has been scattered with videos and images of super cool food inventions-perfect for making us hungry while scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the night. From cakes that look like water to candy sushi

So I gathered some people here at Skidmore with great ideas for food inventions to demonstrate what could be. 

The Avocado Ripenator

Because what is worse then preparing an awesome avocado recipe and then having to wait for your avocados to ripen? Or waiting too long and your avocado becomes a brown mushy avoca-don't?  

Illustration by Alexandra Lemme

Julia Poorvu

You can never know too much about avocados

Instant Sushi Maker

Making sushi is incredibly difficult, but the results are delicious. Who wouldn't love an instant sushi maker? Maybe people who hate sushi. But who needs them? I'll take 12. 

Illustration by Jina Pappas-Horrii

coffee, pizza, beer, tea
Julia Poorvu

Don't know where to find good sushi? I've got a list for you

The Cocoberry 

Love chocolate? Love strawberries? This food invention combines both—these berries have a chocolate core. Who needs the hassle of making chocolate covered strawberries when you can grow them? Way less messy too.

Illustration by Caroline Erickson

Caroline Erickson

Want to put something else in a strawberry that's not chocolate? Make this cheesecake-stuffed strawberry recipe

Scentless Garlic 

Love garlic but sick of the smell it leaves on your breath? This food invention ensures all of the beloved garlic flavor without leaving a scent. 

Illustration by Julia Poorvu

beer, water
Julia Poorvu

Also love garlic? Try making cheesy pull-apart garlic bread.

Coffee on the Go

This food invention brews the perfect cup of coffee every time, and its wireless and transportable. Never suffer through a lame cup of coffee again.

Illustration by Goa Zhu 

coffee, beer, wine, pizza, gastronomy
Julia Poorvu

Do you know what type of coffee are you?

Popcorn Burn Sensor

Hate burning your popcorn? This popcorn bag has a sensor to detect when your popcorn is fully popped before it burns.

Illustration by Zoë Meadow

tea, beer
Zoë Meadow

Want more popcorn? Make some DIY microwave popcorn.

Did this article inspire you? What food invention ideas can you come up with? Maybe your someday your awesome food invention will be featured on Spoon University.