Ahh summer, the season of BBQs, friends and fun. While BBQs are always a good time, they can be a bit tricky for vegetarians to navigate. With burgers, hot dogs, ribs and pulled pork galore, it can be hard for vegetarians to feel satisfied after attending one of these classic summer events. Since vegetarians can’t survive on corn on the cob and dessert alone, here are some recipe ideas for vegetarian-friendly BBQ fare that will be sure to make even meat eaters’ mouths water.

1. Jackfruit “Pulled Pork” Sandwich


Photo courtesy of minimalistbaker.com

You’ve probably never even heard of jack fruit, let alone tried it, but trust me when I say this fruit is amazing at mimicking the texture of pulled pork. With some delicious homemade BBQ sauce and toppings, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between this and a traditional pulled pork sandwich.

2. Vegan Baked Beans


Photo by Kelly Logan

While you would think baked beans would usually be a vegetarian or vegan-friendly food, many times people add bacon or other meats to enhance the flavor of the side dish. This recipe for vegan baked beans still packs in a ton of flavor, but without using any animal products.

3. Veggie Burgers


Photo courtesy of thekitchn.com

Now I know if you’re a vegetarian, you are probably tired of eating veggie burgers. Trust me when I tell you that this recipe for beet & bean veggie burgers is so flavorful, that everyone at the BBQ will be asking for these instead of the traditional burgers. Who wants a boring beef hamburger anyway when you can have these colorful and healthy burgers?

4. Carrot Dogs


Photo courtesy of @lets.eat.yall on Instagram

With burgers usually comes hot dogs. Although hot dogs made from soy protein are plentiful in supermarkets, and are honestly not terrible, these carrot dogs are an even better alternative. This Not-dog became popular on Instagram, and is at various gourmet hot dog dives such as Parlor Deluxe in Charleston and Fritzi Dog in L.A.. They’re made with a ton of spices, slow-cooked so they have great flavor, and resemble a traditional hot dog. You too can make these delicious carrot dogs at home, and it will be sure to impress your guests.

5. Grilled Pizza


Photo by Sophie Maschinot

Pizza probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of BBQ food, but why not change it up and make something that you know everyone will love? I mean really, I have yet to find someone who dislikes pizza. Grilled pizza is great because it delicious and so versatile. Have fun with it and let your guests choose their own toppings.

6. Mac and Cheese


Photo courtesy of touch_bistro on Instagram

Personally, I believe mac and cheese is the best side dish. It is creamy, cheesy, and oh-so delicious; the ultimate comfort food. Again, mac and cheese is something all of your guests will enjoy. This recipe puts a spicy twist on the classic by adding cajun spices and roasted veggies.

Now go make these recipes at your next BBQ. Your vegetarian friends and family will thank you.