We've all been there. You get back to your dorm after an exhausting grocery shopping trip and try to stuff everything into your mini fridge, only to realize that nothing fits. 

If you're struggling with fitting everything into your mini fridge, I'm here to help. The main idea is to keep yourself accountable for cleaning your fridge out weekly (I like to do it on Sundays), and keeping it organized. Once you start throwing stuff in random spots, everything just becomes a mess and there is simply no turning back. 

Here are six tips for organizing your mini fridge so you can live and eat well. 

1. Read! 

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Before you even begin to use your mini fridge, play around with the different set-ups of the shelves. You will want to have space for larger bottles, while also smaller shelves that can fit left-overs and smaller containers. Sometimes the instructions manual that comes with the fridge even has tips and suggestions on how to organize that specific fridge.

Read the instruction manual and use it. Don't just throw out the instructions once the fridge starts working. The booklet might even include pictures in your set-up guide with examples of types of drinks that can fit in specific spots.

2. Group and Label  

Use baskets and containers to organize similar items. This way you can throw certain items together and they don't take up unnecessary space. Make sure to label the containers so that you know what's in them if they're not clear. Using containers of different sizes in a pack is usually the cheapest option and gives you many storage options. Try to find stackable bins for optimal storage. 

Not all of us can have fridges that look like Kristen Hong's (@hellonutritarian), but we can at least try. Organizing your food by color can be appealing to look at, but sometimes it can backfire when we forget that certain foods expire earlier than others. When you are organizing your products into baskets, make sure to pay attention to the expiration date. 

#SpoonTip: I like to have one basket that says "ME FIRST!" in order to remind myself that these products are going to expire the fastest.

3. Use Weird Spaces

Looking at what we usually keep in our fridges, there are sometimes those awkward spaces that are always open because we can never figure out how to fit stuff in there. Instead of leaving these spots open, make DIY magnetic containers that can stick to the sides of your fridge. Similarly, these bag clips also double as mini suction cups that can stick to basically anything. For another option, repurpose these suction baskets (which are sometimes, but not always, made for the sink or shower) that you can stick to the side of your fridge.

To make better use of your fridge door shelves, line them with an egg carton. A genius recycling and organizing hack in one! This way you can store condiments upside-down without them toppling over.

4. Stack Wisely

If your bottles are too tall, stack them in a pyramid shape on their sides. Use a bottle stacking mat to keep your bottles in place. For a DIY option, attach binder clips to the wire shelving in your fridge.

Also, sometimes keeping your 6-packs in their original carriers actually ends up saving space. For DIY stacking shelves, turn your magazine file holders on their sides and stack them on top of each other.

5. Accessorize the Outside

Don't only decorate with pretty magnets and accessories, but also with genius storage solutions to take advantage of each inch of your dorm. A set of shelves or drawers underneath your fridge can act as a mini pantry to store food items that do not need to be refrigerated. To keep all of your kitchen appliances together, there are also shelving unit options that can accommodate a microwave.

6. Don't Go Overboard

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Remember, your fridge is not a store. It can be relieving to know that everything has a place, but make sure not to go overboard with the bins, containers, and DIY projects.

Whether you enjoy organizing like I do (it's weird, I know), or absolutely dread it, food is always a number one priority. This means that keeping your fridge in tip-top shape is also at, or should be at, the top of your list. A first step to keeping your mini fridge organized is simply to keep yourself accountable. Set a reminder on your phone every Sunday to clean out your fridge. Use about 15 minutes to throw out old food and make a list for anything you should buy for the week. Do double duty and also use these 15 minutes to plan out your week. While you're on a roll, maybe even check a few things off your regular to-do list.