1. Rice Pudding

milk, coffee, cream
Sierra Baldwin

This is a classic American dessert known as pudding and is a sweetened milk mixture thickened with cornstarch, then cooked. It has no eggs in it and is also known as "blancmange" in a fancy cooking terminology. It is a personal favorite out of all Indian dishes.

2. Saffron Panna Cotta

 Panna cotta spiced up with saffron to enhance the flavours and lastly top with fresh fruits like red grapes and kiwis. You can serve saffron pannacotta in miniature glasses at your Diwali party.

3. Chocolate Rasmalai Terrine

This devouring dish consists of Rasmalai wrapped in a chocolate mousse mix.

4. Fennel twist

Even if you think gulab jamun is cloyingly sweet, give this dessert a go. Warm fennel liqueur-infused bread budding with layers of gulab jamun finished with boozy bourbon sauce. They do save the best for last.

5. Besan Ladoo Tart

What do you get when you take a Tart Crust made of Besan Laddoo, and fill it with a Mithai Cheesecake? You get possibly the best dessert ever. 

6. Khandvi  Ravioli 

vegetable, pasta
Simran Mathur

Khandvi is a Gujarati dish that has a huge fan following. Using Khandvi sheets, Ravioli was engendered.