Just like all things that exist on this planet that we call Earth, food is one thing that has certain trends that people either despise, love, or could care less about. Some of these food trends are cooler than others, but some of them are slowly dying. And guess who's getting the blame for killing them? Us millennials!

Since millennials are already on the path to killing food trends like the casual dining industry, you might be wondering why they just don't go ahead and kill the following food things, too. These food trends are truly overrated, and we could do without them. 

Instagram Drinks

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Spencer Hutchison

Basically, the definition of "Instagram Drinks" would be any drink that's aesthetically pleasing for your Instagram account, but usually tastes horrible, and is slapped with a bougie price tag (think: Unicorn Frappuccino). While they may make us look cool on Instagram, is it really worth sacrificing our taste buds and bank accounts for an Instagram post? Nope. 

Hybrid Foods

Casey Brand

In recent years, hybrid foods have been popping up everywhere, such as the cronut. While doughnuts and croissants are two amazing gifts that the world has been blessed with, I'm unsure as to why anyone would want to put the two together. Why mess with a good thing? Quality desserts > wannabe doughnut. 

The "Tipping" Debate

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Anna Arteaga

Some people are against tipping and others love to commend someone for their hard work. However, there's a third opinion that's floating around that says that people that don't tip and or are cheap shouldn't go out to eat and are better off staying home. 

Whatever the case may be for you, if you want to tip, tip. If you don't want to tip, that's fine and is just a reflection of you. If you can't afford to tip and are out with someone that can afford to tip, split the bill and ask them to tip. 

Black Coffee

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Asia Coladner

Black coffee without anything else in it might have more strength to it if you order a grande or a venti, but when you're able to order a four ounce espresso macchiato or a four ounce shot of espresso which are both cheaper and comparable in caffeine amount, which sounds like the more practical option? Four ounces of caffeine at a cheaper price or 24 ounces of caffeine that'll only make you poop and tired later on in the day?

Putting Plastic Straws in Hot Beverages

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Christin Urso

While putting straws into hot beverages may protect your teeth from stains, there are also different chemicals from the plastic in your straw that might get into the drink that you're consuming. If you're one for protecting your teeth while drinking hot beverages, you might want to look into this set of stainless steal straws for $7 from Amazon. It'll save you from harming your teeth all while saving the planet. 

Poke Bowls

Victoria Guo

Poke bowls appear to be a spinoff of the sushi burrito, except in a bowl format. While this dish is cold and is meant to be refreshing, always double check that your poke place of choice is always serving the best and freshest fish.

While some of these things are some of our favorite dishes, the snowflakes want us millennials to kill them since they offend the snowflakes... god forbid we keep pissing off the snowflakes.