After Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump's clothing line, some Democrats flocked to Nordstrom department stores in celebration. As a hungry college student, that got me thinking... is there something I can eat that would annoy Trump? After some research, I found that there are lots of food companies giving back—or just driving Trump crazy—that we should support.

Ben & Jerry's

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Becky Hughes

This founders of this delicious company supports many positive political causes, including Black Lives Matter, counteracting climate change, and LGBT equality. Next time you're scarfing down an entire pint of ice cream while binge-watching Netflix, feel good about the fact that Mike Pence would be furious.


Madison Erlandson

I was already a yuuuge Chobani fan, but learning that they hire refugees to work in their yogurt plants sent me out to the store to restock my fridge. Chobani's founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, is himself an immigrant from Turkey, and he has pledged to donate a majority of his wealth to help refugees.


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Becky Hughes

In addition to the conservative outrage over Starbucks' "War on Christmas," CEO Howard Schultz's pledge to hire ten thousand refugees in the next five years is another incentive to enjoy their coffee and treats.

In addition, Starbucks matches its employees' donations to Planned Parenthood. Unrelated to Trump, but they do donate their unsold food as well. Starbucks drinks may be a bit pricey, but now you can feel good about treating yourself every once in a while knowing you're standing up for refugees and women's rights.


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Gabby Phi

After some soul searching, Kellogg's pulled its ads from Breitbart, saying the website's political stances were out of line with the company's values. Despite Breitbart's calls to boycott Kellogg's, the cereal giant stood by its decision. 

Despite the fact that "climate change is a hoax made up by the Chinese," Kellogg's is also working to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. (Don't worry if you're more of a Lucky Charms fan, because General Mills is also working to combat global warming.)


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Becky Hughes

Chipotle is another company helping refugees. Working with the International Rescue Committee, they have hired refugees in their restaurants and donated over $715,000 toward creating sustainable agriculture and teaching farming skills.

I was hesitant to head back to Chipotle after their food safety scandal, but seeing the difference they are making led me to give them another shot.


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Maia Vernacchia

Lastly, Nabisco isn't really doing anything great right now, but Trump said he is never eating Oreos again. That's a hard commitment to make, so why not make it a bit harder by eating them and tweeting about how delicious they are? 

This isn't a comprehensive list of all of the food companies giving back and making a difference, but it's a start. If simply eating isn't enough for you, call your state's representative, attend marches, donate to the IRC or Planned Parenthood, or check out this site.