Instant ramen for the 4th time this week... Eating cereal from the box by the handful... The student life is blissfully simple. But there's so much more culinary delight out there – and 2017 is your year to thrive in it!

Below is a list of the basic components of an (omnivorous) meal: salads, vegetable dishes, chicken dishes, fish recipes, and dessert. Take a look at some of Spoon's finest and easiest recipes that you, my friend, can totally make. People will be so impressed.

1. Salads

Why make a salad? You mean besides the fact that they're nutritious, tasty, and require minimal prep/cooking time?

One day, maybe next week, maybe in four years when you finally shave that goatee, there will be a girl in your apartment seeking a salad. Don't panic! I've got you covered with two awesome salad options (summer and fall vibes) that are fool-proof.

Easy: Black Bean & Mango Salad

cucumber, onion, pepper, tomato, vegetable, salad
Rose Gerber

If you love guac, you'll love this salad.

Medium: Almond Acorn Salad

meat, pepper, seafood, beet salad, cheese, lettuce, vegetable, salad
Ellen Gibbs

Not only scrumptious and healthy, but also incredibly photogenic. Do it for the Insta!

2. Vegetable Dishes

Fiber and vitamins are important, and vegetables dishes impress. It's not challenging to make delectable veggies, yet you will get major props for serving them anyway. Do ittttttt.

Easy: Ratatouille

meat, pepper, tomato, vegetable
Spoon University

Channel your inner rustic-Frenchman (or Frenchwoman) and learn to make ratatouille; it's a classic!

Medium: Zucchini Lasagna Rolls

fish, seafood, sauce, meat, vegetable
Emma Lally

For those looking for a more intricate recipe, try this healthy twist on lasagna. You had me at the cheese.

3. Chicken Dishes

Whether you're chasing affordable protein or Those Gains, it's handy to know how to prepare a decent chicken dish. 2017 is your year!

Easy: Almond Crusted Chicken Breast

vegetable, sauce
Vernell Dunams

This chicken dish is just a step more involved than your microwave Lean Cuisines, yet way more flavorful. I'm already so proud of you for making this.

Still Pretty Easy: Sesame Chicken

Katie Elliott

Takeout is bae. As for what goes into takeout... I don't even know, but now you can make this healthy sesame chicken at home with no delivery fees.

Medium: Chicken Cacciatore

vegetable, meat, pork, curry, chicken
Elizabeth Layman

Valentine's Day is coming up. Step up your game with the Italian classic: chicken cacciatore.

4. Fish Dishes

It's much easier on your budget to cook seafood at home rather than depend on restaurant fare. Also very impressive for that Galentine's date with your friends coming up.

Easy: Baked Lemon Herb Salmon

shrimp, seafood, fish, salmon
Jocelyn Hsu

This salmon dish is basic and a classic. Once you master this, you can substitute different types of fish, herbs, you name it. You're ready for Chopped. The world is your oyster.

Still Easy: Salmon Avocado Poke Bowl

fish, rice, seafood, vegetable
Spoon University

If you're looking for a more hands-on recipe, try homemade poke! Savor the delicate flavors with a friend.

5. Dessert!

We all need to know how to whip out a good dessert. Whether your friends are sick, have birthdays, are studying for the MCAT, there is always an occasion that warrant baked goods. Be the hero.

Easy: Boozy Brownies

pastry, mousse, candy, brownie, sweet, cake, cream, chocolate
Caroline Early

Yeah, you read that right.

Easy: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

cream, chocolate chip cake, pastry, dough, cake, cookie, chocolate
Spoon University

Make banana bread for your next movie night! Also great alongside "Good luck", "Happy birthday", "Feel better", and/or "I'm sorry I bought a puppy" notes.

Easy: Pistachio Kulfi Pops

Clayton Hribar

If you're looking to widen your cultural dessert-lens, this super-easy kulfi recipe is for you!

Medium: Gluten-Free Lemon Blackberry Cookies

sweet, cookie, granola, oat, cranberry, chocolate, oatmeal
Hareena Kaur

Last, a dessert recipe for the health-conscious. Your girlfriends will be thrilled every time you make these flavorful, guilt-reduced treats!

Cooking is beautiful because it connects you with the food that fuels your body. It's fun to cook with friends and overwhelmingly satisfying to share homemade food among friends. Choose a meal, grab a partner, and get cooking!