Lets face it, the fall and winter months can be brutal.  Yes, the holiday season is the best time of year, but the weather can be unbearable.  Some days it doesn't matter how many layers you throw on or how many infinity scarfs you've gone through that week, the cold still finds a way in.  The best way to cure the cold-weather sadness is to sit down and enjoy some classic comfort snacks.  Here are the best filling snacks to drive away the bitter cold.

1. Popcorn                              

It is 100% true that popcorn is the all time classic comfort snack. It's warm, quick to make, requires minimal effort, and it's so addicting!  Nothing can beat slipping under a cozy blanket and snuggling up with a bowl of steamy, buttery popcorn while binging shows on Netflix.  Popcorn will always remain king of comfort snacks, because yes, it's just that amazing

 2. Mac and Cheese

If you haven't heard the news, mac and cheese is definitely not just a staple on the kids menu.  This creamy go-to is the perfect dream snack on a frigid day.  You don't even need gourmet mac and cheese to enjoy it. Microwavable mac and cheese can be just as delicious.  This snack also requires little effort, and the rewards of devouring a gooey, cheesy bowl of mac and cheese are endless

3. Baked Apples

This snack may be new to some people, but baked apples are a delicious sweet treat that are totally worth the effort.  Actually, it is really easy to make baked apples and the results are amazing.  Since apples are such a cold weather staple, this tasty combination of apple, cinnamon, sugar, and warmth is just irresistible.

4. Nachos

Nachos, a true football game day snack, are known for being a comforting food throughout the chilly weather season.  Either pilled with toppings, or just simply topped with melted shredded cheese, nachos are always a favorite.  This snack in particular would be great to share with a crowd while staying in on a cold blustery day.

5. Hot Chocolate

How could anyone forget about a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate on a freezing cold day?  This is the staple of the cold weather months and is enough to put anyone in a good mood.  If it's a packet of hot chocolate mix or a hot chocolate k-cup, any cup of scalding chocolate is worth it.  Next time, try putting in a candy cane with mini marshmallows to create an even more cozy experience.

6. Peanut Butter and Jelly Toast

This snack is warm, gooey, and nostalgic of simpler times.  That's right, nothing is better than a classic peanut butter and jelly.  To elevate the experience, toast the bread, slather on the PB&J when it's still hot, and you have the perfect melt of comfort and goodness.  

Now that the late fall and winter months are upon us, it is time to get ready with a variety of snacks.  On the next especially cold day or the first snow fall, cuddle up on the couch with one of these snacks and let the cold season begin!