Consider yourself lucky to be living or studying in a wonderful city fit for a foodie! The huge, diverse range of restaurants and foods here in Waterloo has helped me survive the dullest months, the longest exam seasons, and the worst dining hall meals. Here is a list of 6 best restaurants around Wilfrid Laurier University that you've probably never seen or heard of! I promise these restaurants are worth stepping outside in the cold for! 

1. Bao Sandwich Bar

Where: 62 Balsam St, Unit #B106 // Waterloo

Why should you go: This cute little bao bar is located literally right behind Lazaridis School of Business and Economics and has an extensive menu of delicious gourmet food. They take a modern approach to the popularized concept of Vietnamese sandwiches (Bánh mì) and Taiwanese steamed buns (Gua Bao). I was so surprised when I discovered how close this place is to all my classes, and how fresh the ingredients are. If you're a fan of duck, I recommend the Duck Dynasty Poutine as a side with your baos. Bao Sandwich Bar is definitely a go-to restaurant if you're looking to try something new on a student budget, which makes it one of the best restaurants around Wilfrid Laurier University. 

2. Hungry Ninja

Where: 55 Erb St E. // Waterloo

Why should you go: Sushi burritos meet Waterloo! Sushi burritos have been the rage for quite some time now and Waterloo has finally stepped up to the plate. Located uptown Waterloo, Hungry Ninja has plenty to offer. Their menu ranges from bowls to rolls to noodles and everything in between. The fish is always fresh and will leave you completely satisfied. Hungry Ninja also has daily deals for us students to dine on a budget. If you're a sushi lover, I totally recommend this hidden gem.

3. Qorma: The Curry District

chicken, sauce, curry
Eunice Choi

Where: 258 King St N Unit 2 // Waterloo

Why should you go: If you've been craving Indian food for as long as I have, then I can assure you will be satisfied. My roommates and I have made this little restaurant our go-to place for yummy take-out food. The butter chicken is rich and flavourful and the naan bread is made fresh and traditionally! Qorma only does take-out, however with the limited selection of Indian restaurants in Waterloo, I consider this place to be one of the best restaurants around Wilfrid Laurier University.

4. Bhima's Warung

Where: 262 King Street N // Waterloo

Why should you go: Bhima's Warung is by far the best restaurant in Waterloo for authentic, upscale South East Asian food. I had the privilege of eating here last year and was completely blown away by the presentation, quality, and taste of the food. This wonderful restaurant is located so close to campus, however once inside, you'll forget all about school. The highly trained chef brought all his experiences and travels into the food at Bhima's Warung and creates dishes that I assure you have never heard of. The existing menu is a combination of the best meals collected since opening in 1994, and they are truly all winners. I recommend Rendang, Bebek Betutu, or Massaman Red Curry, as these are all exceptional winter dishes. This is truly one of the best restaurants around Wilfrid Laurier University, and in Waterloo.  

5. Urban Bricks Pizza

Where: 160 University Ave. W // Waterloo

Why should you go: I'll admit that Urban Bricks Pizza is not that hidden, however it is on the UW side of University Ave, so I'm sure you've never seen it. Urban Bricks is a DIY pizzeria that brings authentic Neapolitan pizza at an affordable price. My roommate recently dined here and would not stop raving about this place. In a few easy steps, you can create your own gourmet pizza by choosing the crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings! The website is very helpful and allows you to make super easy orders online. When eating at Urban Bricks Pizza, you truly embrace the pizza eating culture by eating customized pizza, without compromising taste. 

6. Song's Chinese Lamian

ramen, noodles, pho
Milana Yemelyanova

Where: 203 Lester St, Unit 1 // Waterloo

Why should you go: This hidden restaurant is also located further down University Ave towards UW but it is worth the walk. This little restaurant is known for their fresh hand pulled noodles which do not disappoint. I dined here recently and was amazed by the quality of the noodles and the overall taste. With every bite, I could taste the freshness of the noodles. The menu is large and offers a variety of noodle soups as well as fried noodles. The portions are large and the prices are affordable! I recommend coming here on a cold winter day, when all you need is a steaming bowl of fresh noodle soup!

What Are You Waiting For?

There you have it! 6 best hidden restaurants around Wilfrid Laurier University. It took me a couple years to discover these restaurants and I'm so glad I did. Go ahead and discover all the food Waterloo has to offer! Whether it's a fresh bao or a pepperoni pizza, good food will change your mood!