As good as Wendy's Twitter feed is, it seems that the red-haired woman behind this fast food chain is even better at keeping secrets. Specifically, big, fat, juicy meat secrets. If you thought secret menus only applied to Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, and whatever other companies that have employees dying inside when you ask for ridiculous items they've never heard of, think again!

It turns out Wendy's has a secret menu with quite a few interesting items that'll make you think twice before ordering their always reliable 4 for $4. Not to mention that this list deals with their fresh, never frozen square beef patties. Quality hamburgers deserve to be recognized, so here are five Wendy's secret menu items you need in your life, now.

#SpoonTip: Not all employees are familiar with secret menus. If they don't recognize the item you want, try describing exactly what's in the item, or make it yourself based off already existing menu options.

1. Grand Slam Burger

Forget baseball, because this is the only grand slam I give a hoot about. This burger, also known as the one pound Quadruple Burger or the Meat Cube, is made with four beef patties and a few pieces of cheese. Shocking enough, this is one of the lighter items on this list. There's no turning back now, so prepare yourself for some outrageous things you won't be able to unsee. 

#SpoonTip: Here's exactly how you should order the Grand Slam burger.

2. Quadruple Baconator

If you're a grease fanatic and crave bacon with every meal, you need to try the almighty grease god, the Quadruple Baconator. This Wendy's secret menu item is made with four beef patties with bacon and cheese in between each layer of meat. Don't even bother with any extras like lettuce or tomato. We don't want healthiness to win this battle.

3. T. Rex Burger

I'm just going to jump into this one because no introduction could ever do it justice. Wendy's T. Rex Burger is made with nine beef patties, nine slices of cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions, and pickles. I highly doubt the people behind the counter at Wendy's will willingly make this for anyone, so just order three Dave's Triple burgers, put them together, and figure out all the toppings. 

4. Barnyard Burger

Every day, millions of Americans face the challenge of deciding whether to get chicken or beef at Wendy's. Thankfully, a cure has finally been found. With the Barnyard Burger, you can have both. This burger is made with a combo of beef, spicy chicken, bacon, and cheese. The battle of choosing between beef and chicken is now over. Thanks to this creation, we can all sleep soundly at night.

#SpoonTip: Here's more info on how to order this stellar sandwich. 

5. Asiago Beef Burger

If you like the Homestyle Asiago Chicken Ranch Club but want more juice, this Wendy's secret menu item delivers. The Asiago Beef Burger has beef instead of chicken, Applewood smoked bacon, Asiago cheese, and ranch. I love Wendy's chicken a lot, and I hate to turn my back on it, but maybe beef and ranch is what we've been waiting for this whole time.

#SpoonTip: To order this secret menu item, simply ask for the Asiago Chicken Ranch Club with a beef patty instead of chicken. 

The Wendy's secret menu is definitely not for those of us who aren't ready to act like we're on a rerun of Man v. Food. If you're a brave soul and decide to order a Wendy's secret menu item, make sure to explain exactly what you want so you can get the closest resemblance to something on this list. Or find a way to finesse your ordering skills and look at real menu items to figure out how to construct these secret items.