You love her, you idolize her, you want her luscious red locks, it's our girl, Wendy! Wendy always seems to be saving the day for broke college students with her amazing meals and discounts. One particular meal deal we all know and love is the legendary 4 for $4 combo.

Recently, I was blessed enough to eat my first 4 for $4 combo and my life was changed. I got a Double Stack hamburger, 4-piece nugget, small fry, and soft drink all for $4.  I don't know how I survived 18 years without it.

Here are 5 reasons why Wendy's 4 for $4 changed my life:

1. It's a bargain

4 food items for $4 is a steal! It's affordable and tasty, which is hard to come by in fast food. $4 is also a lot cheaper than a meal swipe at the dining hall. As an added bonus, Wendy's food is actually edible...

2. You get so much food

If the "4" in 4 for $4 didn't give it away, let me break it down for you: YOU GET FOUR WHOLESOME ITEMS THAT YOU KNOW YOU CAN'T RESIST. Wendy's doesn't skimp on anything; they definitely give you your money's worth with this jam-packed meal.

3. It's a complete meal

Hamburger, chicken, fries, and a drink, need I say more? This food will fuel you for hours. Meat and chicken have protein, french fries are a vegetable (wink, wink), and soda keeps you hydrated. Now that your meal is taken care of, all you need to do is save a few dollars for a Frosty!

4. You get one of everything

The dreaded moment has come, you need to make a decision on what you want to order at Wendy's. However, with the 4 for $4 that's not a problem anymore! You get one of everything from the menu.

5. Everything is fresh, not frozen

Wendy's beef is way too cool to ever be frozen. "Fresh, never frozen" is their slogan after all. You are doing yourself a favor by eating the hamburger in the 4 for $4. Plus, they don't cut corners. Hence the square burger patties.

Next time you are starving and on a budget, get the 4 for $4 at Wendy's and enter a whole new world of quality fast food.