Let's be honest here, who really has the time to cook a full home meal during exam season, or ever, really? Soup is one of the easiest and fastest meals around. You can buy it in a bag, in a box, in a carton, and so many other ways. You don't even have to cook anything either, just heat it up. But I know I never am full or feel completely satisfied after a wimpy bowl of soup. I need substance. So I usuallly do one of these things to really enjoy a simple soup.

1. Bread, bread, bread

soup, bread, cream, parsley, lobster bisque, vegetable, broth, pumpkin, garlic
Hui Lin

I abide by this rule towards all things in life: everything is better with bread. You can go as simple and convenient as grabbing a piece of white bread, even just dipping that in soup will be more filling. But if you're like me and love to feel a little bougey, opt for a loaf of focaccia or something for extra flavor.

2. Pasta or rice

pasta, vegetable, spaghetti
Elizabeth Kim

If you have any leftover rice or cooked pasta around, it's also a great thing to throw into your soup for some extra texture and substance. 

3. Protein

soup, vegetable, meat, beef, pork
Shun Matsuhashi

Another easy way to use up leftovers- throw that extra grilled chicken into your soup for some extra nutrients.

4. Extra vegetables

spinach, soup
Shalayne Pulia

This is a good (and easy) way to get in those greens. It can be as easy as chucking in some spinach or pouring in some frozen corn and peas. Not only does it make it more filling, but it adds some extra texture as well.

5. Sandwich

soup, bread
Megan Prendergast

This one's definitely the most substantial, but in my opinion, sandwiches and soups go together like peanut butter and jelly. The sandwich can even be as simple as a grilled cheese or a ham and cheese. 

I know, I know, none of those five things are really groundbreakingly new ideas. But hey, I know my mind definitely starts lacking in the common sense department when I'm stressing about school work. So hopefully I've  made life a tiny bit easier for you and you can really enjoy that simple soup now.