We all know pH from Chemistry class, but not everyone knows that it also plays a large role in how our bodies function and our overall health. In case you want to throw down some fun facts in the future, pH stands for "potential of hydrogen." It is on a scale of 0-14 and a pH of 7 is considered neutral. I won't bore you with all the science, but water is a neutral substance, so drink up!

The ideal pH for the body is between 6.0 and 6.8, but many of us eat mainly acidic diets which lower our pH levels. Having an acidic pH can lead to insomnia, headaches and depression, so help yourself out and incorporate some of these alkaline foods in your daily regimen. 

Acidic foods that we commonly consume are meat, dairy, wheat and refined sugars, while alkaline foods are fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as certain proteins and spices. Here are some of my favorite alkalizing powerhouses (Cinnabon may or may not be involved). 

1. Kale

kale, vegetable, cabbage, broccoli, pasture, lettuce
Photo by Laura Lim   

That's right, it's back. None of us are surprised that everyone's favorite leafy green has even more health benefits than we thought. Many vegetables have alkalizing properties, so don't think that kale is your only option on this front. If kale's not your thing, check out these nine other leafy veggies

2. Bananas

banana, vegetable
Photo by Abigail Wang

Possibly my favorite fruit, there seems to be nothing that bananas can't do. From "nice" cream to 2-Ingredient Pancakes, they're pretty much the perfect food. Now that you know that these potassium-loaded beauties help balance your pH, check out these recipes to use up all your extra bananas

3. Almonds

nut, meat, almond, walnut, apricot pits
Christin Urso

Not only can these nuts help you balance your pH, they also can reduce your risk of heart disease due to their high levels of monounsaturated fats and are loaded with Vitamin E, magnesium and potassium. Don't go too crazy with these bad boys though, eating too many nuts can hurt more than help

4. Cinnamon

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Heather Feibleman

The lifeblood of apple pie, peach cobbler and, of course, the aptly named cinnamon roll. Now I'm not saying you should go inhale a pan of fresh-out-the-oven cinnamon rolls, but adding a few extra shakes of cinnamon to your morning treat wouldn't be the worst idea. For more on the magic that is cinnamon, check out these lesser-known health benefits

#SpoonTip: If you're feeling a little more adventurous, one of my other favorite spices that can help balance your pH is cayenne pepper (plus it adds a fun kick to whatever you're making). 

5. Lemon

juice, lemon, citrus, citron, sweet, lemonade, lemon peel
Photo by Caroline Grew

Queen Bey may have been onto something with her infamous Master Cleanse, but I suggest this morning detox drink instead since all-liquid diets can actually cause more harm than good.