Ready to talk to that cutie in your ACS class about more than the Augustine essay? Sick of the Connelly dinner rut you and your significant other have fallen into?

Here are 5 Villanova date ideas catered to your relationship stage that are guaranteed to liven things up.

Stage 1: You know this person’s name, but want to know more

Get coffee at Holy Grounds 


Photo by Rita Marino

The beauty of the coffee date is that it’s casual, avoids the awkward who-should-pay-dance, and is as long as desired. Perhaps twenty minutes in you suddenly remember your Theology paper due at midnight. (Plot twist—you don’t even take Theology hehe).   

Feeling adventurous? Split a muffin. I recommend Berry Blast.

Stage 2: You’ve been flirting, but it’s too soon to go on a date

Order Insomnia Cookies


Photo by Erin Grady

There are two things college students do: eat and study. Utilize this precious information. Suggest getting together one night to study.

Half way through the night order some cookies to sweeten things up. Winky face. Studying in close proximity to a kitchen? Try this Chocolate Brownie Cookie recipe.

Stage 3: You’re ready to go on your first date

Go to El Limon


Photo by Sharon Jeannie Sung

Take a trip to Bryn Mawr’s El Limon to enjoy some traditional Mexican food. The atmosphere is casual, food is tasty, and the price is affordable. Plus, it’s lively so any lulls in the conversation will be less noticeable.

When you finish eating, take a stroll outside to find some dessert. Or go home to make your own. Check out this homemade crepe recipe.

Stage 4: It’s your couple of month anniversary

Go to Wynnewood Lanes Bowling Alley


Photo courtesy of

At this point in the game, you’ve probably celebrated at least one baby anniversary at a nice restaurant. Try something new.

Go to Wynnewood Lanes for a fun, effortless night. Order a pitcher of soda and a few slices of pizza. Needless to say, loser pays.

5. You’ve been dating a long time

Have a picnic at Valley Forge National Park


Photo by Rita Marino

You and boo have been together a while. This is a great opportunity to put any stress on hold and enjoy each other’s company and nature.

Spend the afternoon exploring the Valley Forge hiking trails and then unpack the delicious lunch you made. Need more guidance? Click here for picnic planning tips.