I know most of us can't resist foreign food. Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Indian... we just love to taste different flavors from all around the world. With that being said, I believe that one of the most amazing foreign cuisines is still unnoticed and widely underrated: Turkish food. Turkish cuisine offers amazing dishes, whether it's sweets that will make your mouth water, or spicy foods that some would travel miles to eat. Interested? I'm here to tell you about five Turkish foods you absolutely need to taste. Trust me, once you taste them, you won't be able to get out of the local Turkish restaurant in your city.

Manti, aka Turkish Ravioli

Ece Yurukoglu

One of my all time favorite foods, Manti looks like a type of Ravioli.  It's basically small pieces of ground meat wrapped in bag-shaped dough. The uniqueness of it comes from the incredible tomato sauce and yogurt that top the dish, adding a necessary wow factor to it. Turkish people often add spices like paprika to create a more spicy taste (would 100% recommend). If you're tired of eating spaghetti or macaroni all the time, give Manti a shot- you won't regret it!


Ece Yurukoglu

Finding yourself eating desserts that don't really satisfy your sweet tooth? Don't worry, Kunefe is the answer you're looking for. It's made by heating a pastry, spreading soft white cheese over it, and topping it with even more pastry. The trick though, is adding some sugar syrup or rose water at the end. This adds more sweetness to the dish and balances the saltiness of the cheese inside. Crushed pistachios are spread on top to decorate the dish, making it not just delicious but also Insta-worthy!

Lahmacun, aka Turkish Pizza 

Ece Yurukoglu

Bless the person who invented this food. If you sometimes feel pizza is too rich and heavy, yet crave that exact flavor combination, lahmacun is exactly what you're looking for. This food is made out of thin dough topped with minced meat, minced vegetables such as tomatoes, paprika, onions, and of course, spices. It's delicious, yet also very light, and the thinness of the dough makes it very easy to eat. Be aware- you might find yourself eating more than one (or two or three) pieces! 

Doner Kebab

Ece Yurukoglu

You might have heard about the prominent shish kebab, yet there's a another, lighter and (in my opinion) better,  version of Turkish kebab: the doner kebab. This dish is widely loved in other countries as well, such as Germany, where German-Turks have doner shops around every corner. It's actually a pretty simple food: sliced meat. However, the way it's prepared makes it unique: the meat is stacked in an inverted cone shape and slowly turned on the rotisserie, and sliced vertically in thin pieces as it cooks. It's served with rice, tomatoes, french fries or in a sandwich/wrap- however you wish!


Ece Yurukoglu

This is probably the most creative dish of them all: minced meat, onion, pine nut and currant wrapped in chard or cabbage leaves. It has the perfect balance of salty and savory, which makes people eat dozens more after taking one small bite- it's addictive. Also, it's a relatively healthy option, and you can eat a few pieces as a snack anytime! 

Now it's time to call some friends and make a trip to the nearest Turkish restaurant around you. Believe me, you won't regret it.