The one ultimate ingredient at every Indian household is rice. Whether it is a family gathering or a formal dinner with friends, rice is always served at the table in its ravishing forms. Love biryani like we do? Is dahi-chawal a trend at your place too? 

Here's a list of things you can make with leftover rice instead of throwing it out - not only is it super-simple, but crazy delicious too!  

1. Lemon Rice

Aditya Rao

Just take the leftover rice in a pan and squeeze lemon juice on it along with a spicy tadka. Don't forget the curry leaves which bring out the essence of this dish. Add haldi to give it some good colour. Once you taste it, I'm sure lemon rice will soon become a routine at home.

2. Fried Rice

Aditya Rao

The desi version of authentic fried rice is simple and tasty! Take the leftover rice in a pan and add some healthy vegetables sauted in olive oil. You can use beans, bell peppers, carrots and even corn! A dash of some soya sauce to add umami that is guaranteed to give it that extra zing!

3. Rice Parantha

Aditya Rao

If you have been brought up in an Indian household, you've probably sampled almost all kinds of paranthas from our favourite aloo to the satisfying gobi. But ever heard of a rice parantha? Trust me, as good as it sounds it tastes even better!! Rice brings some crunchiness along with the softness of flour. Just add the leftover rice to the dough as a filling and make some awesome paranthas! 

4. Rice Cutlet

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Izzi Clark

These cutlets are our favourite! The rice stuffing makes it delicious and very soft. And it's easier to make than you think! Just take the rice stuffing and mix it with the dough in the shape of a cutlet (well it can be of any shape don't worry). The best part - these deep fried beauties don't take too long to cook!

5. Tomato Rice

Karan Kapoor

A variation of the lemon rice, this is a great way to add some much-needed Vitamin C to your diet. Just add some pureed or finely chopped tomatoes to the plain white rice accompanied by a simple tadka of asafoetida and cumin seeds.

So when are you going to try these? 

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