There are a slew of differing opinions on what’s best to drink during a workout. Many people believe water is the perfect workout drink, whereas others believe that Gatorade or Powerade-type drinks should be used during training. As easy as it sounds, sometimes just spicing up your water with fruits or switching to a juice could be your easiest and best bet. Here are a few fruit-filled waters and juices you can create that will help benefit your next workout.

Lemon Water


Photo by Caroline Liu

Lemon water is as simple as it sounds. Simply add slices of fresh lemon into your water to ready yourself for not only your workout, but your day as well. Lemon water removes toxins from your body, freshens your breath, helps with weight loss, and is an excellent source of potassium.

Cucumber Water


Photo by Haliana Burhans

The most refreshing of them all: cucumber water. Like most of these waters and juices, cucumbers are high in potassium, which is key while working out. They also contain most of the B vitamins which help in blood flow and releasing natural energy to the body. If you’re not into putting slices into your water, try snacking on one before or during your workout as a stress reliever and mouth refresher.

Watermelon Juice


Photo by Kathleen Lee

It’s important not to eat or drink anything heavy before or during a workout, making watermelon juice an amazing exercise beverage. It also helps with weight loss and is high in nutrients and low in calories. Not only is it considered a mega-juice due to these 3 facts, but it also helps with blood flow, which is important when working out. This helps your body calm down when it’s stressed and reduces muscle soreness after exercise.

If watermelon isn’t your thing, try pink grapefruit, which has the same amazing qualities as watermelon.

Coconut Water


Photo by Gabby Phi

Coconut water is commonly known as the “ultimate natural sports drink.” Not only does it have a bunch of nutrients, but it’s as refreshing as refreshing gets. This beachy drink aids in muscle contraction and generates energy in the body while working out. With its naturally occurring bioactive enzymes, it also aids in digestion and boosts your metabolism.

Maple Water


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Heard of it? Probably not, but you should give it a try. People are saying it’s “better than coconut water” because it contains half the amount of sugar as coconut water and most juices, which we all know is not the best during a high intensity workout. It’s also a huge stress reliever and, like watermelon juice, helps aid in blood flow and also has a few electrolytes, like potassium.