Strenuous class schedules can sometimes leave you with no time to eat a big meal or run to Stamp for some Panda Express. And with no takeout option at UMD dining halls this year, it's difficult to grab something on-the-go.

Instead of indulging your face in a bag of chips, stop by any of the three campus dining halls for a quick, yet substantial meal to keep you full and focused during your next class.

1. Wrap

chicken, meat, vegetable, lettuce, tacos, burrito, tomato
 Bari Blanga

Many of the dining halls have pre-made wraps which can be a really quick, nutritious thing to eat between classes. This will give you a serving of carbohydrates, vegetables and usually protein (unless it is a vegetarian wrap).

Grab an apple on the way out to keep the doctor away!

2. Quesadilla

cheese, tomato, vegetable, bread, meat, chicken, chicken quesadilla
Wendy Zhou

The buffalo chicken quesadillas seem to be a hit at the dining halls this semester. Stack some quesadillas with a side salad for a quick meal. Protein, carbs, vegetables: check, check, check!

3. Smoothie

smoothie, sweet, juice
Christin Urso

I know it looks icky on the outside, but try a green smoothie. It will get some greens in your body in a quick, easy, and relatively painless way. Top it off with some mac n' cheese.

4. Cereal

cereal, sweet, nut, wheat, cookie
Hannah Linn

It doesn’t have to be breakfast time to have some Cocoa Puffs. Just make sure to add some milk for some protein and a calcium boost. Try adding a banana for an extra nutritious touch.

5. Yogurt

banana, vegetable
Abigail Wilkins

At the Diner and at the South Campus Dining Hall, take advantage of the yogurt bar. Grab yourself a bowl and add some yogurt, blueberries, granola and banana. Add a side of eggs and you now have a quick breakfast that everyone will admire.

Five minutes is plenty of time to refuel and refresh your body and your mind. A quick meal is 100 times better than no meal at all!