As a member of a family that travels every weekend in the winter up I-91 to their Vermont house only to be consistently cold for 48 hours, it is safe to say that after all this time, skiing has officially gotten old to me. With constantly spending weekends away from my friends and waking up even earlier to ski than to go to school, I began to resent my weekly winter ritual. So, I decided I had to start looking forward to other things to make skiing worth it. 

It is no coincidence that two of the basic skiing techniques are pizza pie and french fry, because food is what I began to look forward to the most before, during, and after my time on the slopes. Hence, I give you, the 5 things that get me through the ski day.

1. Chicken Tenders and Fries 

cheese, chips, chicken
Hattie Swank

It is a known fact that nothing tastes better than the chicken tenders at the lodge during lunch time. After a few hours of waiting in long lift lines and dodging the beginner skiers, the warm, juicy chicken tenders and fries really brings me back to my childhood and never fail to impress.  

2. The Waffle Cabin

Hattie Swank

There is absolutely nothing better than being able to smell the deliciously sweet scent of a sugar coated, chocolate waffle on your way up the lift. Starting as a bribe to get me to go to ski school, these waffles are still sometimes the only thing getting me through the cold, windy day. 

3. Extra-Hot Hot Chocolate 

cream, mocha, milk, espresso, cappuccino, coffee
Hattie Swank

After a long day of numb fingers and getting snow down your pants, nothing quite warms you up like a hot chocolate at the end of the day. Perfectly chocolatey and warm, it's sure to put a smile on anyone's face. 

4. Après Ski Drinks

What's après ski without a drink? The best way to relax and share stories of wipeouts and favorite trails is over a cold beer or Bloody Mary with friends or family. 

5. The Views

Hattie Swank

Much to the chagrin of my family and friends, I have no shame in sitting down in the middle of the trail to get the perfect Snapchat. Regardless of the wind chill or frostbite, nothing compares to the beauty of the mountain. Even after countless years of this same view every weekend, it will always have my heart.  

These 5 things have easily become my winter weekend staples for the past several years. Without them, my frozen toes and numb fingers would lead me to be a lodge squatter, missing out on the fun and adventurous time that is skiing.