We all know the intern struggle. After nine months of sleeping in and staying up late at college, you're greeted with a harsh reality: the alarm clock. And when that alarm clock goes off, you know you have to get up, get ready, and run out the door. But what about the most important meal of the day? And no, I don't mean midnight snacks. A fast breakfast is essential for interns.

It has been proven that people who eat breakfast actually have more energy throughout the day, and actually tend to eat less during the rest of the day. But, if you're an intern - I hear you. You need to be at the office by 9 am sharp, sometimes 8 am, and you may be thinking - how am I going to possibly fit breakfast in.

Never fear, my fellow interns, because I'm here to tell you about the five options that I've found that allow me to get out the door on time - 6:30 am sharp! - yet still eat my favorite meal of the day in order to have enough energy to do my work... Or sit down at the computer during lunch breaks and write more Spoon articles.

Here are my top five things to eat on the way to work for an actually fast breakFAST.

Protein Bars

I know conventional wisdom says that protein bars aren't necessarily the healthiest things that you can eat - but hear me out. Not only are they easy to eat, but they're also quick, leaving you no worries about prepping your food in the morning. If you choose this option, I recommend QuestBars and PowerCrunch bars - not only are they healthy, but actually taste good.


Who doesn't love smoothies in the summer time? Lucky for you, there's a smoothie shop pretty much everywhere, if you have the time (and $$$) to stop at get one on the run. But if not, there's all kinds of options available at grocery stores, and Naked even sells large jugs with 5-6 servings of your favorites in them - perfect for a whole work week. 

Breakfast Wraps

When I say wraps, I mean sandwiches too. Those Jimmy Dean commercials that are always on actually have some validity to them. Pre-made breakfast sandwiches are easy to eat, quick to heat up, and filling. Plus, they're pretty tasty. If you've got time, stop by Starbucks and try their breakfast sandwiches too. They'll give you the wake up call you need. 

Egg Muffins

For a weeks worth of breakfasts, fill your mini-muffin tins with eggs, veggies, meats, and cheeses, bake them, and freeze them. All it takes is a few minutes in the microwave to heat these bad boys up and you've got an omelette in a convenient and portable muffin shape at your disposal. 


I hear you, all you people that say "I hate breakfast!" and "Breakfast just isn't for me." I'm here to tell you that even toast is better than eating nothing, especially with a little butter, peanut butter, or avocado spread. It's portable, quick, easy - and doesn't taste too much like breakfast. 

Now you know - it is possible to eat breakfast while interning. Just make sure you don't sacrifice your driving skills for your meal. Look no further than this recipe for another tasty and quick breakfast - muffins!