Everyone has heard of the "8 by 8" rule which says that you should drink 8 eight-ounce glasses of water a day. For some it's no big deal, but if you aren't the biggest fans of water, it's easier said than done. Some people find that in order to drink more H20, you have to spruce up your water.

Drinking enough water has been proven to help clear up skin, prevent headaches, perform better, and clear out waste and bacteria from your body. 

Still don't think you can do it? Here are 5 ways to spruce up your water to get your daily needed intake.

1. Add Fresh Fruit

strawberry, berry, sweet, red fruit, red berry, Fruit
Amelia Hitchens

Strawberries, blueberries, lemons, raspberries, oranges, melons, kiwis, literally any fruit will do to add some flavor to your water. Not only will this add some extra flavor, but the natural sugars are more healthier than sprinkling in a Splenda packet. 

2. Add Mint

mint, sweet, herb, lime, lemon
Christin Urso

Looking for a more refreshing taste? Adding mint is a palate cleanser and will leave you with fresh breathe as an added bonus. Mint has also been found to ease itchiness, nausea, asthma. 

3. The Soaking Method

Katherine Luo

If you have time, try the soaking method. Cut up fresh fruit and let it soak in water for at least two hours. I would recommend soaking pineapple because with its sweet taste, it will release a lot of flavor into the water, giving it a taste that will improve your regular water flavor.

4. Switch Up Ice Shape Sizes

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Jocelyn Hsu

Nuggets, flakes, crescents, full cubes, half cubes, gourmets: there are so many different shapes of ice and each one has been rumored to provide a different flavor to your water.

For example, did you know that nugget ice is a popular vote among soda consumers because of the way it holds the flavor and carbonation?  

However, I think the best bet for water would be using full cubes because they are the slowest ones to melt, leaving your water at the coldest temperature. 

5. Dicing Cucumbers

vegetable, salad, cucumber, marinated cucumber, courgette
Ellen Gibbs

Paired easily with melon or mint, cucumbers will also compliment your water with a refreshing taste. The potassium in cucumbers can lead to a decrease in high blood pressure. In addition, bone health is boosted by vitamin K--good thing cucumbers can help with that. 

As if you needed another reason to dice some up, use the extras to make this face mask

It looks like no matter what route you choose to spruce up your water, it will be a winner. Share with your friends and you all will be getting your daily intake in no time. Staying hydrated has some (yummy) perks.

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