Foodstagram (n.) - an Instagram account dedicated to food posts uploaded by food lovers themselves or restaurants.  

This new trend has taken over Instagram and has become a new innovative version of Yelp. Although Yelp allows you to leave reviews and ratings in their app, it's another application you have to download for your smartphone. With Instagram, most people already have an account; therefore, making it more accessible to look up restaurants. 

Orange County food establishments in particular have hopped on the foodstagram bandwagon. This vessel gives foodies advice and tips and has become the forefront to guiding our decisions on where to eat.  

So here are 10 food joints you need to try (and follow) based on their stellar foodstagrams-  

1. Burnt Crumbs

Located in Huntington Beach, this quick and easy food joint puts a new spin on the word "sandwich."

2. Cauldron Ice Cream

Talk about getting an Instagram worthy picture amiright? Upon request, customers can get their signature rose shaped ice cream in one of their unique flavors. 

#SpoonTip: Their puffle cones come in three flavors: original, red velvet, or churro. I recommend the churro hands down.

3. The Habit Burger Grill

Some argue it's better than In-n-Out....

4. Banzai Bowls

A staple item for surfers and beachgoers alike and probably the best thing you will ever eat. Each bowl comes with an acai fruit blend topped with granola and various fruit toppings. 

5. Afters Ice Cream

How do you #milkybun? You think you've seen it all? Think again. Afters has changed the ice cream sandwich game and brought it to a whole new level. They even have their own selfie wall. They're that extra.

Pick your ice cream. Pick your topping. Throw it in between two milky buns and boom! You are biting into something warm and cold at the same time. 

#SpoonTip: Try their famous cookie monster sandwich (pictured above) featuring blue vanilla ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and Oreos.

6. The Attic on Broadway

Although it is on the boarder of Orange County, it's worth it for the snap (or Insta). Most known for their Flamin' Hot Cheetos mac n cheese, this dish will put the pep in your step. 

#SpoonTip: The Attic is dog friendly so bring your furry friend; you'll always have someone to come with you.

7. Creme & Sugar

Your inner child will be thanking you for this one.

8. Jinny's Pizzeria

Ranked as one of the top 15 pizza places by the OC Register 2016, this joint caters off their motto of being California style pizza with New York attitude. Sounds like the best of both worlds to me.  

9. Ruby's Diner

Scattered around Orange County, Ruby's is the perfect pitstop for a handmade malt or a meal along the coast.  

#SpoonTip: Go to the Huntington Beach location at the very end of the pier for a beautiful view of the sun setting over the ocean. I promise you won't be disappointed.

10. Polly's Pies

A family atmosphere and your grandmothers cooking all wrapped up into one place. Their homemade backburner soup is legendary as well as their giant cinnamon rolls.

And when I say giant, I mean giant. Like, bigger than the size of your hand, giant. But who wouldn't want that, right?

So where do you go first?

No matter where your food adventure starts, just make sure you have your camera ready to snap some pics. Hopefully after glancing (and maybe drooling, no shame here) over this list, you'll have a food guide for your visit in the OC. 

Inspired to start your own foodstagram account? I thought so. Make your account here

#SpoonTip: Follow spoon_iowa for the latest food buzz happening in Iowa City. Who knows, maybe you'll find yourself in the Hawkeye state next.