One of my favorite shows on the Food Network is probably Cutthroat Kitchen. For some reason, it's fun to see professional chefs attempt to cook different dishes while facing sabotages such as being forced to cook in tiny kitchens.

However, I've noticed that over time, the sabotages that the chefs have been forced to work with are actually things that I've done in real life. In other words, I've voluntarily done some of these sabotages and known other students that have done these sabotages voluntarily. We aren't sabotaging ourselves because we want to challenge ourselves though. We're doing them for a variety of other reasons, such as a lack of time.

Here are five sabotages from Cutthroat Kitchen that you've probably done voluntarily at one point in your college career.

1. Using Plastic Utensils Instead of Real Utensils

Episode: "The Rice Stuff", Season 3

In this episode, Chef Sammy is forced to give up his steel knives, and must use plastic knives instead. Plastic knives are harder for Chef Sammy to use, as they're more likely to break or melt.

Even though Chef Sammy may not use plastic knives on the daily to cook food, some of us do just that. Real knives are expensive. And who has time to clean them? Plastic knives are just cheaper and easier to clean up.

2. Using an Espresso Machine to Cook Pasta

Episode: "I Can't Believe It's Not Udder", Season 4

In this episode, Chef Morgan is stuck using an espresso machine to cook her pasta and sauce. Chef Morgan finds this task terribly hard. Not only does the espresso machine not hold that much pasta, but she has to cook both her sauce and pasta in the machine simultaneously.

College students are always looking for great ways to cook multiple things in one pot and ways to use the same appliance multiple times. An espresso pot surprisingly fulfills both of these wishes.

3. Taking a Video-Selfie While Cooking

Episode: "Superstar Sabotage: Burrito the Line"

In this episode, Chef Sherry was forced to take a video selfie while cooking her food during Round 1. This sabotage left Chef Sherry with only one hand to cook her food.

Despite the fact that taking a video selfie limits your ability to cook, college students still want to show off our amazing cooking skills. We're willing to sacrifice some of our cooking abilities in order to show the world our bomb recipes on Snapchat.

4. Cooking on a Camp Stove

Episode: "Tac'o the Town", Season 1

In this episode, Chef Sevan is forced to use an alcohol powered camp stove as his only heating source during Round 2. Chef Sevan considered this a "death sentence", as during Round 2 the chefs were asked to make Eggs Benedict, his specialty.

Although Chef Sevan may not be used to cooking on a camp stove, this is something that some of us are used to. In the dorms, sometimes there is only one stove available in the building or no stoves at all. Camp stoves are convenient for college students who are in need of a heating device. Use with caution though, as Pacific Crest Trail Association warns that these stoves can cause serious burns if the fuel is not handled carefully.

5. Using Only a Microwave to Heat Food.

Episode: "Foul Play", Season 2

In this episode, Chef Robert Burmeister from Harvest Cafe in New York ends up with a microwave as his only way of cooking food. Chef Robert did not want to end up with the microwave, as he said, "I haven't cooked in a microwave since when I was, like, 20." 

Let's be real though. We've all used a microwave at some point to cook our food. They're just easier to use than a stove and require less clean up. Even though Chef Robert did not want to use the microwave, this sabotage isn't the worst, as you can still cook different types of food such as eggs or mug cakes.

For professional chefs, these sabotages are considered nightmares. However, for us college students, they are just a part of our daily lives. Let's face it. College students are versatile when it comes to the kitchen. Even though we may not make the best food, we are still more prepared to face any cooking challenge than professional chefs because we have to adapt to our lack of supplies everyday. I'd like to see a college student go on Cutthroat Kitchen, just to see how they face these sabotages. Who knows? They might do better than a professional chef in the challenges.