Food writing and food porn have taken the social media world by storm. Instagram and Facebook are full of foodie accounts featuring everything on the healthy to gluttonous scale and websites like BuzzFeed are infamous for their super addictive listicles that you can’t not scroll through. But all of these platforms have one thing in common: users can share content with friends and followers who can see who they follow. Having access to what your friends post, like, comment on, and share, as well as to what people and pages they have chosen to follow, makes it possible for accounts and their content to go viral in a matter of minutes.

Yet one of the big social media platforms, Snapchat, is not like the others. Unlike its counterparts, Snapchat is based on the concept of temporary content that only lasts 24 hours at most. Additionally, Snapchat users can’t see who their friends follow and can’t like or comment on content. This is why it can be said that Snapchat is at a disadvantage when compared to other platforms; barriers to sharing and posting permanent content are likely to prevent it from becoming widespread and viral.

But as we all know, this doesn’t stop Snapchat users from going viral or becoming famous. Snapchatters like DJ Khaled have become famous on the platform simply by the good old-fashioned word of mouth. Additionally, users share their Snapcodes and usernames on their other popular social media platforms to gain followers and promote their stories. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before food took over Snapchat like it has taken over the rest of media world.

There are some really creative, funny, and talented Snapchat users that you don’t even know about who post delicious stories all day, every day revolving around food. Even despite the less-than-ideal Snapchat camera quality, these Snapchatters still manage to make you drool. So give these guys a follow and spread the word!



Photo courtesy of DEVOURPOWER on Snapchat

Run by dynamic duo/power couple Greg and Rebecca, DEVOURPOWER (formerly mealsandreels) posts daily stories covering all of the popular and up-and-coming food in NYC. Featuring everything from the viral Black Tap milkshakesrainbow bagels, and mouth-watering egg sandwiches to colorful cocktails and fancy dishes, this Snapchat will keep you up to date on the latest food fads and the NYC food scene.

Be sure to keep an eye out for surprise features of Greg and Rebecca’s adorable dog Benny. You can also follow DevourPower on Instagram and visit their brand new website.

2. gillieh


Photo courtesy of gillieh on Snapchat

If Gillie Houston‘s Snapchat is anything like her impressive Instagram, then you know you’re in for some mouthwatering pics and hilariously relatable captions. As the associate editor at the recently shut down digital magazine Yahoo Food, Gillie knows her stuff and has connections: it seems like every night her Snapchat story features another foodie event complete with celebrity chefs, famous Instagrammers and writers, delicious food, and all-you-can-drink cocktails.

In addition to chronicling the awesome life of getting to eat for a living, Gillie fills her snaps with entertaining subway encounters, dogs, comedic use of Snapchat selfie filters, brunch, and the occasional Hookah Deli feature (watch her stories and you’ll understand). Plus, I think I saw her on the Long Island Rail Road once, so there’s that. #celebsighting

3. edeneats


Photo courtesy of edeneats on Snapchat

Chef. Baker. TV personality. Cooking Channel judge. Eden Grinshpan is the woman behind this account that features a wide variety of foods, from NYC brunch to Israeli cuisine. Through her stories, you can follow the very happy and bubbly Eden on adorable date nights with her husband, as well as to special NYC foodie events and cooking show sets.

Random, but she also rocks a killer nose ring that I’m a big fan of. Give her a follow.

4. melonrouge


Photo courtesy of melonrouge on Snapchat

Looking for some fitness motivation and vegan inspiration? Snapchat account melonrouge is run by Maliney, a super fit girl from Sydney with a very rigorous and impressive workout schedule. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to eat. Her stories feature artistic smoothie bowls, colorful fruit salads, and vegan restaurant adventures. I’m always amazed by the beauty and creativity of her homemade meals, so make sure to check out her Snapchat and Instagram to see for yourself.

5. tFimB


Photo courtesy of tfimb on Snapchat

Bostonian Dan Whalen of the food blog The Food in My Beard adds something unique to the Snapchat food scene with stories starting with fresh ingredients and ending with delicious meals. Dan loves to experiment with food mashups, with everything from pizza cake (shown above), to gyro mac and cheese, to s’mores burgers.

Not only that, but he also has a comfort food cookbook called Stuffed. Its tag line is taking your favorite foods and stuffing them to make new, different and delicious meals.” Sign me up.

6. Hangrydiary


Photo courtesy of Hangrydiary on Snapchat

Justine and Jocelyn of Hangrydiary were raised in Hong Kong and now are based in LA, which means their stories feature different Asian dishes from their daily food adventures, including ramen, sushi, and dim sum. What’s great about the way they run their account is that they usually add video stories (sound on!) so that they can name each dish that their showing to their audience. Some accounts don’t do this, leaving their followers curious about what their watching. Hangrydiary‘s feed is complete with plenty of doughnuts, yolk porn, and burgers too, so check them out for a wide variety of different foods.

7. caitsplate


Photo courtesy of caitsplate on Snapchat

Follow Cait and her Snapchat for some healthy fitness and food motivation. Her stories feature casual seven mile runs and delicious post-workout meals like chili that make you crave home cooking. Plus, Cait kills the breakfast game and has a great positive attitude that shines through her stories. Check her out.

8. forkedupfoodie


Photo courtesy of forkedupfoodie on Snapchat

Proven fact: you can never follow too many NYC-based social media accounts. Therefore, you’ll have no problem adding Valerie from forkedupfoodie to your daily Snapchat story repertoire. Get your fill of cream cheese bagels, cheesy egg sandwiches, and iconic New York eats like Levain cookies and cronuts while following Valerie around the city that never sleeps.

9. lettucedine


Photo courtesy of lettucedine on Snapchat

If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably interested in things related to food and college (just a guess). In that case, you’re bound to love lettucedine. Run by two college students, Alice and Linda, this Snapchat account features stories from the perspective of young foodies. Alice, who attends UMass Amherst, and Linda, a student at Fordham University, share a diverse mix foods from their college towns. Yet another great example of how a simple passion for food can become a creative and successful brand.

10. chefmarymattern


Photo courtesy of chefmarymattern on Snapchat

29-year-old Mary, AKA Nom Yourself, is a vegan cookbook author and personal chef with a passion for cooking for fresh ingredients. Her stories give you a special behind-the-scenes look at her delicious vegan recipes. Be sure to check out her account; you don’t need to be vegan to get some healthy food inspiration or creative recipe ideas from Mary’s stories.

11. missfoodieproblems


Photo courtesy of missfoodieprobs on Snapchat

Foodie/fashionista/fitness lover Corey runs this fun Snapchat account. Her stories feature pre-workout mirror pics in gym attire, post-workout mirror pics in chic outfits, her adventures at exclusive events and dinners, and the mouth-watering food she eats all day long. Be sure to watch her on Snapchat and check out her website for great restaurant reviews and beautiful recipes.

12. infatuationtv


Photo courtesy of infatuationtv on Snapchat

If you’ve never heard of The Infatuation, then you are most definitely living under a rock (ever heard of #EEEEEATS?). The Infatuation is a restaurant review website and app that provides suggestions and information about the best places to eat in Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco (can they come to Boston soon please?). Their Snapchat is unique because it features stories from all of the Infatuation cities, so one second you you’ll be seeing cheesy New York pizza and with one tap you’ve traveled to San Diego for fish tacos.

You can also watch for an inside look at exclusive food events hosted by The Infatuation, sign up for their email newsletter, and even follow their Spotify playlists.

13. tifflopinsky


Photo courtesy of tifflopinsky on Snapchat

Tiffany Lopinsky is the mastermind behind the famous Boston Foodies Instagram account that posts pictures of delicious dishes in Beantown. Tiff, a student at Harvard University, understands the college life but still appreciates a classy and sensible meal. Watch her stories for pictures of the beautiful dishes she eats at restaurants and events in Boston and beyond. As the most popular Boston food Instagram account, her Snapchat is definitely worth following.

14. spoontv


Photo courtesy of spoontv on Snapchat

Last but definitely not least is Spoon University‘s own Snapchat account! Something new is always going on in spoontv’s stories. Watch out for sneak peeks of Elena’s Make it Into a Cookie videos, quick favorite food polls at SpoonHQ, NYC lunch excursions to get poke, meetups with Spoon chapters, and classy food events. And no big deal, but every Saturday, Spoon University takes over the Food Network Snapchat Discover channel. But only for 24 hours, so don’t miss out!

Now that I have sufficiently screenshotted way too many Snapchat stories to get photos for this article, I’m happy to spread the word about these hardworking Snapchatters whose stories will be sure to upgrade your feeds.