Although I'm always down for a quick fast food run after a night out (shoutout to &pizza and Wingo's for staying open long into the night), sometimes I want my drunchies right there in my apartment. As a huge fan of breakfast for dinner, the solution seems obvious: breakfast for drunk eats.

Here's why breakfast should be your new go-to drunk eat.

1. Cereal Is Like Super Easy

Cheerios, cereal
Jocelyn Hsu

Pour into bowl. Add milk. Find clean spoon. Done.

Even though its unbelievably easy, cereal doesn't have to be boring either. From Honey Nut Cheerios to Cocoa Puffs, you've got a lot of options. Put some fruit into the mix to really add some flavor. Plus, easy cleanup means there will be no regret (or angry roommates) the next morning.

2. Toast Is Basic in The Best Way

For those all those people who struggle in the kitchen, this is the drunk eat for you. Literally all you actually need is bread and a toaster. Too boring? Add some peanut butter and fruit to bring your toast to the next level.

3. Eggs Are Always a Good Idea

Eggs are another easy, no-fuss drunk eat although they do require a little more finesse in the kitchen (aka the ability to turn on the stove top). Scrambled, fried, or over easy, they are a bomb late-night snack. Add some salt and pepper, and you're golden.

4. Pancakes Are Flippin' Fun

Not only are pancakes pretty easy to make (thank you Betty Crocker for the step-by-step directions), but they're also a ton of fun--as long as no one spills the batter. Throw in some blueberries or chocolate chips for the perfect post-game snack.

5. Cinnamon Rolls Are a Classic for a Reason

Although sober you might be better for showing off your family's secret cinnamon roll recipe, drunk you can totally handle Pillsbury's place-and-bake cinnamon rolls. Add some extra to treat yo self.

Breakfast for drunk eats is easy, cheap, and oh-so good. So, next time you get a case of the drunchies, look no further than your kitchen. Your hungover self will thank you for it.