Spoon University at West Virginia University will be recruiting members through this Spring 2018 semester and officially kicking off in the Fall 2018 semester. Read below at why you should join Spoon University at West Virginia University.

What is Spoon University?

Spoon University is a student-based food resource which allows for the creation of articles and videos to express students' ideas. This, in turn, can allow for students to find others who enjoy creating content, but most importantly enjoy food. Here are 5 reasons that you should become a part of this tasty movement.

Reason #1: You love food and all things about food.

Just like Patrick above, you can't help but to enjoy what you eat. Even if you're just talking about your favorite food, it puts a smile on your face. Because of this, you would be a perfect fit for our team. We all love finding the perfect recipe and cooking it for our friends to try (and laugh about when it takes multiple more tries to actually turn out okay!). Food is something that brings us all together and it most definitely will at Spoon University at West Virginia University.

Reason #2: Your future career path is involved with marketing, writing, editing, or food in any manner.

Whether your major is Culinary Arts or Biochemistry, everything comes down to food. Culinary Arts learn out how to cook the food while the Biochemists learn about how the body's metabolism works to make the most of the food eaten.

Food is something everyone needs to survive and is a part of daily life because of this. We all like to try new things and when something is marketed well or an article is written well about some new food, it makes our brains remember it to try in the future. 

Reason #3: Your resume and future employers will appreciate it.

Don't just go through college doing the motions. Find something you're passionate about to get off the couch from a Netflix binge or out of the library on a weekend. Find yourself writing articles for Spoon University and build your resume. Your future employer will love that you found something you were passionate about in college and that you can actually back up a resume point.

Reason #4: You can write about what you want.

With Spoon University at West Virginia University, you can write articles like Wendy's Dropping a March Madness Clothing Line and Genius Ways to Use Mint in Your Cooking. Sometimes articles can be more serious or they can aim for the most laughs possible. The end point is that whatever you want to write about that deals with food, you almost 100% certainly can.

Reason #5: Be a part of something big and #gofirst.

The motto at West Virginia University that should carry through all things a student does is #gofirst. This hashtag allows for the mindset that nothing is impossible and the unknown can soon become the known. Spoon University at West Virginia Univeristy to me is my #gofirst moment and it can also be yours too.

Become a part of something big and join Spoon University at West Virginia University today! Join here and #gofirst