University life can be super daunting and stressful. You’re constantly being encouraged to be hyper-involved whether it be with volunteering, extra curriculums and work while somehow maintaining an amazing GPA. It can be done but it’s definitely not easy, especially when you’re not sure of your place on campus. I spent most of my first year stretching myself thin between clubs I didn’t like, volunteering, work and I even became a part of a sorority. When I finally decided to join Spoon at uOttawa, I learned that I was joining a club that encompassed everything I wanted to gain from university socially and academically.

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Denise Uy

So What is Spoon University?

Here’s a quick rundown. We’re the ultimate blog about food and wellness for students by students with over 250 chapters in the United States and Canada. As we continue to grow and explore the culinary world, we’re creating a global community that’s changing the conversation surrounding health and food. We are the next generation of writers, photographers, event planners and marketers who love food and have no shame telling everyone about it, Spoon is just our excuse. Now, here’s 5 reasons why if you join Spoon at uOttawa, it will be the best part of your university experience.

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Spoon University

1. Simplify, Celebrate, and Educate

Spoon University co-founders, Mackenzie Barth and Sarah Adler, knew that university life has an abundance of firsts. Your first time away from home, experiencing dorm lyfe, or even your first time doing groceries on your own can cause anxiety because you’re entering new “adult” territory.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated and you can help others navigate this new life through documenting your “firsts” experiences like picking fresh fruit or making the most out of the food in the dining hall. We want to know it all. This means as a uOttawa Spoon contributor, you’re going to be doing lots of eating and lots of cooking. Let's celebrate our firsts! Let's share and teach everyone on campus our kitchen hacks and dorm room recipes so uOttawa students can eat smarter.

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Nicole Burnett

2. Meet Other Foodies on Campus

At uOttawa, we like to spoon and by spoon, we mean eat. And when you join Spoon, you’ll have a seat at our table. You’ll find someone who will try that new Korean place on Bank Street with you for lunch and after a wild night out, stumble to 3 Brothers on Rideau with you. If food brings people together then consider Spoon the facilitator.

Not only do our friends at HQ provide us with the resources and tools to create fun and engaging content, through Slack we can also tap into our international network of students who are content creators, just like you. Let’s say you’re taking a trip and want restaurant recommendations or you’re lacking ideas for a photo shoot; chapters from Illinois to Hong Kong, London, New Delhi and so many more can help you out!

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Nicole Korolevich

3. Real work experience

This is what every business, communications or journalism student is feening for before they graduate. Upon joining any chapter, Spoon HQ offers skills and training through their “Secret Sauce” program. You’ll learn how to refine your writing style and tone, host fabulous events and generate tons of traffic on your photos, videos and articles. Spoon also provides personalized analytics to evaluate what each contributor is doing well and where they can improve. You’ll know the best practices of digital media today and be empowered to show employers everything you know wherever you end up. You could even influence and lead the new food movement (And who knows HQ might want you working with them too!).

4. Assignments you’ll actually want to do

Allow Spoon to be your excuse to kick-start your inner blogger. The next time you’re making your favourite pancakes, take the process to the next level and film it in true Tasty fashion, touch it up using HQ’s Premiere Pro video editing tool and share it with the world! Why don’t go to that spin class and write a review? Finally, you can take Instagram-worthy pics of your food before you eat it guilt-free! Immersing yourself in these experiences are how you get the most out of uOttawa Spoon, build your brand and develop your creative skillset.

5. Why Not!?

Okay maybe this isn’t a real reason but it’s worth a shot. Everyone says that university is the time to try new things and discover yourself through your interests. Not only can joining Spoon at uOttawa provide opportunities for you to learn new skills but it can also help mould you into a unique leader. Leave your mark during your time on the University of Ottawa campus and inspire others to do the same. 

Defy the conventional, give yourself a chance, and join Spoon at uOttawa now!