Ever procrastinated by clicking on lists of the 15 Best Brunch Buffets in NYC, and wished there was one on Abu Dhabi? Or been confused about where to buy delish birthday cakes in AD on a college budget? (hint: it's definitely not Bloomsbury's). If you've had these experiences, and want to develop your writing, photography, or digital marketing skills, listen up. Spoon University at NYUAD is now recruiting a team of writers, editors, videographers, marketers and photographers to build its very own food and health publication.

Spoon is the go-to food resource for our generation- with over 2.6 million Facebook followers and contributors from hundreds of college campuses around the world. If the foodie in you isn't convinced already, here's 3 definitive reasons you should join us this semester- 

1. You get to share your love for food with a community that understands your obsession 

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Lindsay Paulen

Spoon connects you to likeminded foodies from universities all around the world so you can collaborate on content, grow together, and just bond over your shared love for food. You don't have to be a creative writing major to kick ass at spoon, we're just looking for passionate, driven individuals with a unique voice. 

Bonus: You can finally take multiple pictures of your breakfast from weird angles and not be judged for it.

2. It'll look dope on your résumé

You'll get to build an entire publication from scratch as part of a media company that's been featured on the Food Network and Buzzfeed, among other internationally renowned sites. Since NYUAD is a new spoon chapter, we're also looking for people to take on leadership positions in the writing, photography, videography, and marketing departments. If you're interested in a career in journalism, digital marketing, photography, or the food industry- spoon is the place for you to build a personal brand and actually develop the skills your prospective employers will be looking for. 

3. You get to explore the city and its diverse food options

Athena Huynh

We often complain about how we're stuck in the "Saadiyat bubble"- well, Spoon is your best excuse to break out of it. From Korean Hot Pot to Lebanese Manakeesh- you can explore the wide range of authentic food options Abu Dhabi has to offer, and actually get to know the city through its diverse cuisines. 

Ready to join our spooniverse? If this sounds like it's up your alley, apply here and spread the word!