Once again, it’s the start of a new semester. If you’re a student at Berkeley, you know exactly what that means—being bombarded by flyers on Sproul and trying to squeeze a dozen different info sessions into your already jam-packed schedule during the first couple weeks of school. But even though club recruitment at Berkeley can be stressful at times, here are 5 reasons why the decision to join Spoon will be one of the best decisions you make in college.

1. Lots of free food

Rachel Neiman

Let’s be honest, everybody loves food—especially when they can get it for free. Considering that Spoon University is an online food publication written by college students for college students, this is a pretty major perk of deciding to join Spoon.

Whether you’re attending cool events like Brainfood SF, receiving a care package for the launch of Spoon’s new college meal plan, or being offered a free dessert while writing a restaurant review, there are just so many opportunities for free food!

2. Killer food photos

oil, lettuce, pepper, tomato, salad, vegetable
Joanna Hu

If you’re hoping to step up your Instagram game, look no further. The moment you join Spoon, you’ll realize that there is absolutely no shame in standing on your chair at a restaurant to get that perfect top-down shot of your food.

Nobody in Spoon will ever judge you for this because almost all of us are guilty of this ourselves. Anything for the ‘gram, am I right?

3. Cool events and networking opportunities

Luna Zhang

If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably heard of Top Chef before. This summer, our members not only had the chance to hear season 8 winner Richard Blais speak on a panel at Brainfood SF, but also got exclusive access to a private dumpling-making class taught by season 12 finalist Melissa King!

In the past, we’ve also been to food tech talks, soft openings, and a bunch of other events where you can meet and network with people who are truly passionate about food.

4. New friends and fun socials

coffee, beer
Luna Zhang

Whether you’re baking something for a recipe article, exploring new restaurants for a restaurant review, or simply attending one of our meetings or social events, I can assure you that when you join Spoon, you will always have the chance to be around people who love food just as much as you do.

This year, we also started a new family system—so get ready to meet your awesome family!

5. Learning opportunities are endless

coffee, beer, pizza, wine
Riley Bathauer

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a master chef or you’ve never cooked before in your life—all you need is a passion for food and there will be so much you can learn once you join Spoon.

Whether you’re interested in cooking, baking, writing, editing, photography, or social media marketing, you’ve come to the right place. So what are you waiting for? If any of this gets you excited, check our Fall 2017 Applications here and join Spoon today.

Applications are due Wednesday, September 6th at 11:59PM. Please submit all applications and any questions to us at calspoonuniversity@gmail.com. We hope to meet you soon!