For the past three years, Spoon University has hosted an annual conference called Brainfood in NYC to celebrate food, food careers, and more food. Basically, it's a lit occasion. This year it's getting even better because Brainfood is hitting the road, and it's all starting on July 22 with Brainfood San Francisco. 

You're gonna want to get your ticket fast, and here's why. 

The Event

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Megan Prendergast

Hosted at Williams Sonoma HQ, Brainfood SF is all about food and technology. There's gonna be a panel with industry experts about how to grow a company, how tech has changed food, and some predictions on the future of food. Food tech companies will also be demonstrating how their products revolutionize the food industry.

Most importantly, there's going to be a lot of food. So basically, you can eat the weight of your ticket cost in free food. 

The Guest List

The panel is stacked: Richard Blais of Top Chef - All-Stars, Melissa King of Top Chef and Co+Lab, Brian Clark of Food for Thought Worldwide Ventures, Dana Peck of Pilot R&D, Shireen Yates of Nima Sensor, Jared Levan of Impossible Foods, Dominique Barnes of New Wave Foods, Christoph Milz of Hestan Smart Cooking, Alexandra Lorestani of Geltor, and Mackenzie Barth (the co-founder of Spoon). 

Melissa King was a finalist on Top Chef before founding Co+Lab, which is a pop-up collaboration event series that features local flavors. She is also an ambassador for Whole Foods, which is pretty freaking cool and makes me love her even more. 

You probably know him as the winner of Top Chef - All-Stars, but Richard Blais has a lot to be recognized for. He owns Trail Blais, which consults and updates eateries throughout California and the Southeast, and is often seen on both Bravo and Food Network. 

Shireen Yates founded Nima Sensor, which is a tool that can be used to quickly detect allergens in food. She personally is allergic to gluten, and created the product in order to help others enjoy their food without fear of an allergic reaction. 

The Demos

Brainfood SF is gonna feature some sick demonstrations of food production by Soylent, Chowbotics, Hestan Cue, and New Wave Foods. Honestly, I can hardly believe these food tech products exist because they are so crazy cool. 

Chowbotics is undoubtedly amazing because it is bringing a salad-making robot. Her name is Sally, and I need her in my life. 

New Wave Foods makes algae and plant-based shrimp in order to produce "a shrimp without slavery, bycatch, shellfish allergens, antibiotics, and ecosystem devastation." At their demo, you will be able to taste for yourself this futuristic shrimp. 

The food world is changing quickly, and Brainfood San Francisco is here to keep you up-to-date. So buy your ticket now, and get ready for all the knowledge that is about to be dropped (and the free food). 

Oh, and if you made it all the way to the end of this post, you get a prize. Enter the discount code FRIENDS for some $$ off the ticket price.