Although oysters have become a popular item on menus throughout the world, the work they do in their salt-water environments as well as the economy should be noted. Although they are loved for their unbeatable taste, here are a few more reasons to appreciate oysters:

1. They are filters for the water they grow in.

One of the best qualities an oyster has is its ability to act as a filter for its environment, improving water quality by filtering their food from the water. An adult oyster alone has the ability of filtering anywhere between 15-35 gallons of water a day, so you can only imagine what a whole farm is capable of. For this reason, farming oysters, rather than relying on wild ones, is actually beneficial for ecosystems because they feed on pollutants that could otherwise harm waters and are not invasive unlike other types of farmed aqua creatures. 

2. Oysters act as habitats for other creatures.

As oysters grow, they colonize on top of each other and eventually create a reef that becomes a shelter for other wildlife. This is important because it maintains the diversity of the various ecosystems by protecting different species from predators. An oyster reef is capable of housing hundreds of different organisms. Without these oyster reefs, it is very likely that certain species of animals and organisms would die out.  

3. Oysters help plants grow.

Instead of throwing away used oyster shells, save them and throw them in your garden! Oyster shells are high in calcium, which stabilizes the soil's pH and provides important nutrients that helps strengthen cell walls. Crush the shells up and toss them in the soil, your garden will thank you later.

(P.S. They also can be used to create different forms of trinkets and accessories.)

4.) Oysters are great for the economy. 

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food industries around the world today, and oysters are a big contribution. Because of their beneficial sustainability, growing and selling them has become more and more popular. Large amounts of jobs have been created within the oyster farming industry, employing workers not only for growing, harvesting, selling and more, but also for those who use the shells to create jewelry, chandeliers, and other goodies. 

5.) Oysters are good for the skin.

Oysters are known for improving your overall health, but are especially praised for their zinc content. Oysters can contain up to 1500% of the daily value of zinc, promoting the creation of collagen which tightens the skin and prevents aging. Besides that, oysters have been known to promote weight loss, blood circulation and volume, bone health, healthy immune system, and heart health. Are you convinced yet? 

In general, there are many reasons why oysters are important salt-water creatures for both the economy and the environment. Oyster farming demonstrates the benefits of sustainability because it allows for the oysters to flourish without endangering the species. Aquaculture has been a huge help to the economy and has introduced new ways to approach industrialism. Oysters, anyone?