We are humans of busy days and endless nights. We are addicted to routine, so much so that we tend to think too far ahead. Our comfort zone is our BFF and a change in schedule is our enemy. We are anxious college students. But we are also curious, and interested and hopeful for adventures. There comes a point where we finally recognize that all we really need is a break; and kayaking is the perfect activity.

The easy way out is to wait for the weekend, sleep in a little longer, order take-out and never leave the house. Don’t get me wrong, I fully support binge watching Netflix all day every once in a while… but we live in Florida and there is a better way to get that wanderlust feeling out of us!

Here are the top 5 reasons why kayaking will influence your well-being:

1. Stress Reliever

water, coffee, beer, tea
Haley Haman

You can disconnect from the (social media) world for a few hours and will not be disappointed. Being ‘off the grid’ will actually benefit you so much because you will be able to reconnect with your thoughts without any distractions. This is your opportunity to slow down, breathe and put a pause on your worries. And really, we can tweet about how great the experience was later, it can wait!

2. Vitamin D

grass, water
Brenna McHenry

YOU NEED IT! It’s time to get your tan on! Us FL people can’t be walking around looking more pale than the out-of-towners that come for 4 days. This is our sun! Let us (Carefully) embrace it and love it, with SPF 30 at least. Sitting on a kayak surrounded by water is going to give you all the color you need to look like a FL gal or pal.

3. Skipping the Gym

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Brenna McHenry

Think about it, this is a magical thing amirite?! The amount of core strength that is used while kayaking is unimaginably amazing. Your arms will be sore and your core will be tight. On average, you can burn an estimated 400 calories per hour depending on your body and other factors. 1 hour kayaking can allow you to eat at Datz Originals whether it's a cheat day or not!

You'll be burning plenty of calories so the gym will not be necessary. With the fresh air from outside, think about how much stank from strangers you won't be smelling... amen, hallelujah, namaste, yas! 

4. Connecting with Nature

bird, fish, water
Haley Haman

I’m from Chicago, and let me tell you… I have never seen so many cool creatures up front and personal before. At first, I was like "woah" but then I was like "wait this is cool" while a manatee was chilling right beside me, (lowkey I still get scared but it’s okay if you just keep your cool). Dolphins are almost always seen, in a distance or up close, but they move fast so keep your eyes open! A wide variety of fish and birds will come and go as well. Looking at the trees, mangroves and land from the perspective of the water is a different point of view than usually experienced which expresses a sense of peace and gratitude on Earth.

5. Happy Feels

Stay calm and enjoy the view.

beer, water
Haley Haman

You can boost your mood with a little fun in the sun, exercising without realizing the muscles you’re working, observing plants and animals you don't normally see from land and having some time for yourself to reflect, relax and recuperate from all of life’s craziness. 

If you find you have a couple free hours I would highly recommend kayaking. As FL native, it’s so easy to forget how lucky we are to have access to such a wonderful hobby. There is water all around us so there is no excuse. Give it a chance if you’ve never tried it! If you have kayaked before then you know how great it is. Get out there y’all, the wanderlust in us youngins is calling.

Side Note: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen, stay hydrated, and stretch before and after!