If you're a foodie, a wannabe foodie, or an up-and-coming foodie, then joining Spoon Macalester is up your alley. We wanted to bring Spoon U to Mac because we have an extraordinary student body with a trove of untapped talents, and we wanted to create our own sub-community. Plus it'll give you something to do in the winter.

Madeline Taylor

Being at such a small school may encourage you to believe you've mastered all the "hacks" and tricks for Café Mac, but you haven't seen anything yet.

Although Macalester is in St. Paul, it carries the culture of both of the cities in the Twin City area. Both Minneapolis and St. Paul care deeply about their multi-faceted cultures—Somali, Mexican, Hmong, traditional Scandinavian, and more—and the food that comes along with them. Mac students are well educated in a variety of different subjects, and all can be applied to food! By contributing different aspects of food, Spoon Macalester will help foster a local community both online and at Mac.

The beautiful thing about Spoon Macalester: There’s a wide array of positions! While the bulk is writing, we also need photographers and marketers. The photographers get to spice up our articles and Instagram with their pictures. The marketers will spread the Spoon love to the Mac community by sharing articles and social media. For all the reasons you should join Spoon University at Mac, just read on.

1. We love food.

Joining the Spoon Mac team means you will be surrounded by folks who love food just as much as you do. Maybe you’ve tried your hand at food dating apps and haven’t had your luck—or maybe your ~special someone~ is a member of Spoon Mac!

2. Get out of the Mac Bubble

Get your @$$ out of the Bubble and explore the Twin Cities’ food scene!

3. Write about things you care about.

Are you on some super specific gluten-, soy-, dairy-, corn-, sugar-free diet (Madi was!)? Talk about it! Share your tips and tricks with the rest of Macalester (and the World Wide Web).

4. A new hobby that can boost your resume.

We're one of the only places on the internet that allows college students to talk about their experiences with food. Spoon is educational and should never feel like a burden. 

5. Joining the international Spoon community

Food isn't just loved by the lucky members who have access to Cafe Mac. Food is a part of every single culture, and Macalester boasts of its international thinking and demographic.  Help Macalester and the world become more knowledgable from your own personal experiences!