Dear Spoon,

I wanted to thank you for accepting me and inspiring me. I came into this semester thinking that I would just take pictures of my food like I’ve been doing, but you have challenged me to go beyond that. You required me to put in more effort and become part of an organization that has helped me grow, not just as a foodie, but as a writer, too. Thank you, Spoon, for teaching me and giving me the resources to help me develop my skills.

Photo by Caitie Veech

I always have had a passion for writing and (of course) eating, and here I feel comfortable coming up with outrageous ideas.

Transitioning my writing from college essays to food has been the most challenging, but it has never been boring. When I see all the other amazing articles, it excites me and influences me to create more. Also, being able to follow my passion and show people that it means more to me than “just food” has been an incredible feeling. I cannot express how much I love to be a part of this community; you have given me the opportunity to construct a foundation of fascination that will last me the rest of my life.

Photo by Esther Castellanos Pros

I’m so thankful for what Spoon has taught me. I can really see how much my writing has improved because of what HQ and my team has given me.

I have been dull, and I have been adventurous, and each critique has helped me expand my skills as a writer team player. My team at Bryant has been so supportive. They haven’t just shared an article, they have inspired me to write an article. I get excited to go to our meetings and to hear about all the progress we’re making. Every week there’s new ideas, and my team sculpts them into amazing pieces. I log onto my account daily to see how many people are looking at my posts, but most of the time my leadership team has already congratulated me in the group chat. I need to give my team an extra special thank you for accepting me and aiding me to become the Spoon writer I am today.

Photo by Caitie Veech

My biggest source of inspiration is where I grew up. I love being from New Jersey with our amazing and diverse food. Being able to share it and express myself is another one of my favorite things about Spoon.

Having my friends and HQ believe in me as a writer has been the biggest confidence boost, and it has meant the world to me to have people reading my articles. My accomplishments within the Spoon community have influenced me to push myself even harder. I truly am excited to see how my growth will continue within Spoon, and once again I would like to thank you for believing in me and my abilities as a writer and a foodie.


Caitie Veech

Bryant University 2018