At Waseda University, located right in the heart of Tokyo, there are millions of food options anywhere and anytime. Waseda's main campus is in Shinjuku-ku, the shopping and business center of Tokyo. With thousands to great food options for any age, price point, and cuisine, there's so much to create content about in such a diverse food culture.

1. Tokyo is #1 for most Michelin Stars in the world.

Taylor Kozloski

Not only Tokyo, but Japan is also first in terms of the most Michelin Stars awarded to restaurants. Not gonna lie, but we're the food capital of the world. This is a clue on how the importance of food culture and its influence is in Japan. Here's where Spoon Waseda comes in to share content about Japan's extensive food culture, ranging from Michelin-studded restaurants to local ramen shops populated by university students. 

2. Open a window into authentic Japanese culture and cuisine.

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Lui Xia Lee

Most blogs about Japanese food in Japan is written in Japanese-- of course. However, an English platform for university students? Never heard before. With Spoon Waseda and a diverse community of bilingual and above students, we can provide content never seen before in English so more people can know about a Japanese student's food life is like. 

3. Experience traditional and modern cuisine easily.

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MyLinh Truong

From reservation-only Edomae-zushi (Edo-style sushi) to cute little owl cafes hidden in the corner of Harajuku, Tokyo has so much to offer for any audience. While many colleges are lacking food options in the area, Tokyo is bursting with both ultra-traditional VIP-only omakase (no menu) restaurants to new and hip cafes for young people like us.

4. Network with the international student community.

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Luna Zhang

Waseda has the highest density of international students compared to any other university in Japan. Spoon Waseda gives you the chance to network with like-minded, food-loving international students in English. You can meet lots of new people and make friends with all the international and exchange students coming into Waseda. 

5. Learn new skills not part of academia. 

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Jocelyn Hsu

At Spoon Waseda, you can not only be a writer/videographer/photographer, but also a marketer, leader, event manager, host, and even more. There are tons of new skills than you can learn; not only "hard" ones, but also "soft" skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership, and time management. Those skills will carry on after university and into your career as well. 

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