While Ratatouille might just be an animated kids movie, it does have a few very good lessons that are useful in the kitchen. So don't just watch this surprisingly heartfelt movie, but learn from it.

1. Try things that might not work. 

You never know until you try. Even if something doesn't work, at least you'll know for next time. Trying new recipes also can spark your own creation, completely separate from the original recipe, so experiment. 

2. Your only limit is your soul.

This one is kind of up for interpretation. But my interpretation is that your only limit in the kitchen is you. You can try any recipe, and create almost anything So throw all reason out the window and try new recipes, new tools, and new ingredients.

3. Always follow the recipe but add something unexpected.

A recipe is such for that reason: it has been tested and proven to work. But make it your own and add an ingredient that you think would elevate the dish. Because, like #1 says, you have to try things that might not work. 

4. Great bread has a great crust.

I could not agree more. The best bread has that crunchy crust that is loud when you cut or break into it. The inside should be soft, but the outside really needs that crust.

5. Anyone can cook. 

This one is seriously emphasized in this movie by not only Chef Gusteau, but by the theme of the movie. And it's so true, if you want to cook, you can. If the rat in this movie can put that much precision into Ratatouille, you can throw together a new recipe. 

So try rewatching the childhood classic and take these tips with you into the kitchen the next time you cook, perhaps when you try to make this Ratatouille dish. But if you're not into cooking, try taking a trip to Disneyland Paris to try out the Ratatouille-themed restaurant.