The sidewalks across campus were chalked with "bees get degrees" during finals week. This is in fact a true statement if it's your Mrs. degree that you're after. If this happens to be the case, here are 5 places in Oxford to take your Bumble date: 

1. High Point Coffee

Coffee is always my first date go-to, especially if I met the other person online. That way, if the person kind of sucks, I can bolt because there isn't the commitment that comes with a full meal. 

2. YaYa's Frozen Yogurt 

This is another casual date that avoids the commitment of a meal. YaYa's is a great place to grab a cup of froyo and make sure that the other person isn't a complete psycho. They also have tiny marshmallows as a topping, which makes them my personal favorite froyo place in Oxford. 

3. Cups Espresso Cafe 

Cups is an alternative to High Point Coffee. If you're getting a quick coffee date in between classes and don't have time to find parking at The Square, then Cups is your best best. 

4. Frank and Marlee's

One of my friends said, "I like going on dates to Frank & Marlee's because I don't have to dress like a person." If you're looking for a place where you're free to be yourself but still get to know the other person, then Frank's is the place for you. 

5. The Round Table 

Of all of the bars in Oxford, The Round Table is by far my personal favorite. To me, nothing sounds better than sitting outside at The Round Table and getting to know someone over drinks and cheese fries. 

Remember to always tell your BFF and maybe one more person where you're going before going out with a stranger you met online. Always be cautious so that you don't wind up in someone's trunk. Happy swiping.