There are many things to question in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but that's probably part of the reason you watch it. It's so wrong in so many ways, which makes it so great. Whether you're wondering if Dennis is a sociopath, or if the "the gang" should address their blatant drinking problem, there's one question we somehow always find ourselves asking: how is Charlie eating that? Though I couldn't find any places that serve milk steak and I won't send you to your local dumpster, I believe these are the things Charlie Kelly would eat in Boston. 


Lulu's Allston

Without a doubt, Charlie would hit up Lulu's Allston for brunch. In addition to over 40 beers to choose from and a $30 mimosa bucket, Charlie would probably go for the deviled eggs and white trash hash to satisfy all of his needs.


Roxy's Grilled Cheese

By the time he finishes his brunch drinking, he'd walk 2 blocks and be ready for lunch. He would stumble upon Roxy's and be drawn in by the sight of cheese, grabbing the Steak Bomb Grilled Cheese to hold him over until his next beer.


Hopsters Brewery

Obviously outraged by the lack of alcohol at Roxy's, Charlie would go to Hopster's brewery for more beer. He would create his own custom beer and then proceed to chug the beer without really appreciating it, because that's what he does with all of his alcohol. After receiving the bill, he would run away though because he and the gang obviously can't afford to make their own beer unless it includes Moonshine and antifreeze.



By the time dinner rolls around, Charlie would be ready for some Boston street food and find himself at Saus. There's almost nothing he could go wrong with here, but I suspect he would chose the crispy chicken sandwich though, only because the first two words in the description are "beer brined." 

Drinks, again

Area Four

Though he likes food, there's nothing Charlie likes more than drinking beer. At the end of the night, Area Four is calling his name. Their wide-range of beer tastings give you more than just a sip, guaranteeing to have you feeling good by the time they kick you out.  

Though I have high hopes, in reality Charlie would probably skip all of the meals and just drink, possibly getting a hot pocket out of the dumpster if he got really hungry.