After 12 long years, I finally got into one of the best shows to ever grace mankind—It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. All of my friends are diehard fans, and they relentlessly convinced me to binge watch 10 seasons of the series over winter break. Now I'm hooked— so I created the ultimate It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia drinking game.

Take a Sip When...

-Dennis takes off his shirt

-Someone says "Oh, God damnit"

-Charlie brings up the waitress

-Charlie freaks out about something

-The Gang calls Dee a bird

-Coors Light makes an appearance

-Frank refers to a woman as a "broad"

Take a Shot When...

-Dee says, "Oh, you sons of bitches"

-Charlie talks about cats

-Mac walks in saying: "Guys I've got news."

-The Gang ignores Dee's life/problems 

-Frank holds a gun

-Mac does a karate move

-Charlie refers to himself as a "wildcard"

Finish Your Drink When...

-The title of the episode contradicts what actually happens in the episode

-The Gang makes Cricket's life worse

-The McPoyles make you feel super uncomfortable 

-Someone sings

-The Gang tries a new drug

-The Gang refers to sex as "bang"

-Green Man appears

I think I speak for all of us Always Sunny fans when I say I wish I could go to Paddy's Pub, grab drink, and play Chardee MacDennis. So instead, grab your friends, plenty of liquor, and enjoy this amazing drinking game while watching the show.