I've always been a morning person, but never really a breakfast person. I've tried it all: pancakes, eggs, toast, protein bars and even skipping breakfast in favor of a later morning snack. But there is simply no disputing the importance of breakfast to your mental and physical health. So, if you're not interested in early morning Eggo's or a bowl of cheesy scrambled eggs, it's time for you to be introduced to some new morning meals that will help kickstart your day.

Lucky for you, savory breakfast alternatives are on the rise. Finding healthy breakfast options that are satisfying and interesting has become a simple task of mixing and matching some of your other favorite foods. Here are five ideas to get you started:

1. Savory Oatmeal Bowls 

meat, rice, bacon, fried egg, egg
Maya Ling

Oatmeal is an obvious breakfast staple, but most people find the bland oats themselves to be pretty boring. Adding savory elements to your oatmeal (instead of the usual granola or fruit) can improve the taste of this filling meal. Try adding an egg and avocado, or mushrooms and spinach. Making oatmeal more savory, like a lunch or dinner option, is a tasty, easy alternative to an otherwise tiresome morning meal. 

2. Breakfast Pizza 

Natsuko Mazany

Okay. So maybe this one's not the healthiest option. But pizza can become a healthy breakfast alternative. Warm up some naan, pita, tortilla or any other kind of bread, and melt some of your favorite cheese on it. Add mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, bell peppers and some scrambled eggs—to make it breakfast, of course. And if you were going to eat last night's leftover pizza anyway, it might as well be for breakfast, right?

3. Veggie Hash

Even non-breakfast people can usually get behind hash browns, since they're just potatoes after all. But we often forget that plenty of other vegetables can be cooked in a similar way, like sweet potatoes, for example. Chop up some sweet potatoes and add peppers, spinach, onions and mushrooms for a healthy breakfast hash that doesn't actually need eggs. But if you add an egg over-easy on top, we won't blame you.

4. Homemade Protein Bars or Granola

Julia Muro

Sometimes, the issue with eating protein bars or granola for breakfast is just with the ingredients that the store-bought versions might contain. These grab-and-go breakfast items often fail to accommodate nut, soy, gluten or dairy sensitivities. Not to mention they can be chock-full of sugar and unnatural additives. If any of these qualities deter you (or if you just haven't found a favorite brand), try making your own. That way, you can control the ingredients and freshness as well. Try this gluten-free recipe if you need some inspiration. 

5. Smoothies

dairy product, sweet, coffee, cream, milk
Caty Schnack

Smoothies may have risen to startling popularity back in 2015, but there are always more interesting ways to hack them. If you're looking for something filling but not too fruity, try this super simple avocado smoothie. Adding vegetables and even oats to a breakfast smoothie will transform it into a filling meal that will prepare you for the day ahead. 

It can be hard to get going in the mornings, but using your imagination when it comes to breakfast is something that future-you will really appreciate. Don't settle for boring, bland morning meals or the usual breakfast foods like pancakes and bacon. Go out of your comfort zone to combine different favorites or dress up the classics. Try something new every day until you find a few options that make sense for your taste and your schedule.