Nothing in college is cheap, especially considering all of the unaccounted expenditures. When budgeting for school, many students fail to include the cost of essential school supplies and fees like bar tabs, Uber rides and cookie bakes. Young scholars don't realize that they need to figure in the constant temptation of a night out in Aggieville before its too late to recover from the ruinous financial loss.

All jokes aside, nights in the Ville almost always take a toll on your wallet.

The Cost

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Desiree Schippers

Even with the cheapest bottle of Burnett’s, alcohol and mixers for pregaming are going to set you back about $10, even if you split with your roommate. On top of this, an Uber to and from the bars, including a tip, is going to cost at least $20. At the bar, the average person racks up a tab of approximately $24.15, according to the American Nightlife Association.

Once you’re adequately inebriated, you’ll be unable to resist the seduction of a few gooey Insomnia Cookies, a slice of Pizza Shuttle, or a few donuts from the Varsity Truck. You’ll need to budget in around $5 for drunken delights.

By the time you find yourself collapsed on your bed at 3:00 a.m., the price tag on your night will have reached around $59.15. If you partake in such partying three times a month for ten months out of the year, you’ll have spent up to $1,774.5! If you choose to party on like this for all four years of school, the price adds up to $7,098. In terms of K-State's in-state tuition rate, that would nearly pay for an entire year of classes.

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Thankfully, most students choose to abstain from such high levels of partying, but it is still important to realize the potential financial burdens it could cause.

But this is college, right? Aggieville is part of the K-State

experience and memories (or lack thereof) associated with it are priceless. Instead of wasting your hard earned cash or slipping farther into the slimy clutches of more student loan debt, consider these five tips during your next trip to the Ville.

1. Keep your goals in mind

While pregaming, if your goal is to get the most drunk for your money, stay away from “flowery” drinks and go for drinks with high alcohol content and low sugar. This is beneficial if you're looking to save money and cut calories. If you’re wanting to simply keep a buzz and not gag with every drink you take, check out these cheaper alternatives to fruity drinks like Lime-A-Ritas or Smirnoff Ice.


Skip the high bar prices and bring a flask with you to carry between establishments. The less you have to actually purchase from the bars to keep your buzz, the better.

3. Do your research

Figure out the cheapest nights to go to your favorite bars by checking out their websites and following them on social media. For example, Kite's publishes a list of their drink specials and has an email list for subscribers to receive coupons and discounts. Tubby's, O'Malley's and Kaw's will run promos and specials through their Facebook pages. Even a few dollars off your tab is worth the search. 

4. Have a DD, but don't pay big money

Obviously, you should never, ever drive yourself home while under the influence, but you shouldn’t have to break the bank for a ride either. Designate a friend to drive you for free or take advantage of SafeRide. Rides are free with SafeRide as long as you have a K-State student ID. They have routes running all through Manhattan.

Lyft and Uber offer many discounts, especially for referring friends. You can receive $5 off four rides just for referring one friend to Lyft, and there are always several promo codes floating around online to use. If anything, grab a buddy and walk your happy self home; your wallet will thank you.

5. Prep food for drunk you

A key factor in avoiding a hangover is to ensure you eat at least a little bit before hitting the hay. But as we all know, fast food is expensive. Instead of purchasing drunken refreshments, pre-cook yourself food before heading out.  Here are some dupe recipes for Manhattan classics, such as Insomnia cookies and mac and cheese grilled cheese. If you're not one for cooking, stock up on cheap microwavable meals, like Banquet pot pies or El Monterey burritos. Drunk you will love you for it.

As previously stated, pretty much everything associated with college is outrageously expensive. Being at the university feels like people are ripping you off at every opportunity, from online access codes to parking. But luckily, a night out in Aggieville doesn’t have to be another thing that ruins your budget.