Welcome to Stonehill College. If you've been attending the school for more than a month or two, these will already seem obvious, but for those who need a little extra idea of what to get in case all you do it hit up the Hill, here are 5 meals you can't miss at the commons.

1. Chicken Wrap Thursday

Nick Landano

I don’t care if it’s every Thursday. I don’t care if I get the same thing on my wrap every week. All I care about is that when I get out of class in the afternoon, a nice, perfectly put together chicken wrap will be sitting on my plate in due time. I’m not sure what it is, but everyone lines up for these babies each week, and if you ask around for favorite meals, this is bound to be in almost everyone’s top 5.

2. Pastabilities

pasta, spaghetti, sauce, macaroni
Marina Wollmann

Did someone just say pasta? With anything you want on it? Yup. Imagine that, you get in line and are prompted with about 10 different things you can throw onto your pasta and you even get a choice of sauce. Just don’t get lost in it. The line is long, it takes a while, but the results never disappoint. Just like your Italian grandma makes! Kidding, she might not be too happy you get so excited about this dish.

3. Tip Toss

Toss those tips and toss em’ good! Steak or chicken tips marinated in your favorite sauce served with steak fries. And this isn’t rubber school steak either, it’s actually pretty darn good. They don’t give you a lot of tips, like how to survive your first year of college, but they certainly give you a lot of tips! Wow, guess the longer you're in college, the more prone you are to dad jokes. Speaking of dad's, these won't be his summer time grilled tips, but give em a try!

4. Mashed Potato Bowls

Unhealthy meal number 4! The simplicity behind such an elegant dish is uncanny, for how can one create such a delicacy with only mashed potatoes, fried chicken, corn and gravy you may ask? Well, they throw it all into a single bowl, that’s how! That’s right, give it a good stir or two and it’ll bring your taste buds on a vacation to the white-capped potato mountains as you ride down the gravy trails on your chicken toboggan. Dang. I’m hungry now.

5. Any International Dinner

Allie Yamashiro

Now, this can be controversial if you’re not really into food, but whenever they have the international night in the commons, you have to check it out. They bring in a special chef and cook up some meals from countries such as the Czech Republic, Germany, Jamaica and more. Even if you aren’t wildly into food, try it! It’s cheaper than buying a plane ticket, and all you have to do is imagine that’s what it actually tastes like in the said country, which probably isn’t the case, but it’s still something new and different.

Well there you go, 5 meals you can't miss at the commons. If you haven't tried these yet, I'm shocked, and if you have, you already know what's going on. Keep eating and hope everything agrees with the stomach!