A summer hike sounds like the perfect idea: get outside, get active and (hopefully) get some sun. Knowing you've got a backpack full of goodies makes it that much easier to push up those rocks when the trail becomes more than just a leisurely walk, and the view from the top is best enjoyed while grubbing. Throw these five hiking snacks in your bag before you head out for the next adventure, and you'll be conquering the trails like an Olympian. 

1. Trail Mix 

nut, almond, walnut, meat, peanut, cashew, hazelnut
Hailey Maher

Pick up a pre-portioned bag at the grocery store or mix together your favorite nuts and dried fruits. My personal favorite includes a golden ratio of peanuts, almonds, cashews, raisins and dark chocolate pieces (because chocolate is always a good idea). Check out all the homemade trail mix recipes for some inspo. 

2. PB&J

peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pb&j, slice, wheat, bit, jelly, jam, bread, butter, sandwich, peanut, peanut butter
Caroline Ingalls

My apologies to anyone with a nut allergy because a good pb&j is one of the easiest ways to satisfy both hunger, and taste. Crunchy or smooth, grape or strawberry, crust or no crust: whatever combination fits your fancy. Pack 'em up in the morning and pull 'em out for that mid-hike treat. 

3. Bananas 

Market, Fruit, yellow summer squash, vegetable, pasture, banana
Amelia Hitchens

Bananas are one of my favorite fruits because they're portable, don't require any prep and are filling. Toss a couple of bananas in your bag and pull them out if you get hungry along the hike. If you're not on the banana trend yet, these 10 reasons to eat bananas will have you convinced. 

4. Granola Bars

oat, granola bar, candy, cereal, chocolate, muesli, granola, sweet
Audrey Mirabito

A snack that was practically invented for hiking, granola bars are on everyone's list of go-to snacks. Providing the carbs your body needs to crush the rest of the mountain, try to find a bar that has the lowest sugar content to avoid the post-hike crash. With so many options, it's hard to pick the right bar: check out this ranking of some of the most popular bars and find your fit. 

5. Chocolate Chip Cookies

cake, sweet, pastry, chocolate, cookie, goody, pie
Sydney Eakin

Is there any dessert that's better than a chocolate chip cookie? Show off your baking skills to fellow hikers by whipping up a batch of your best ever cookies, or pick up a box on your way to the trail. Your sweet tooth will thank you, and the calories basically cancel out from all the walking, right? 

Summer days are best enjoyed outside, so grab some snacks and head out to a local trail. You'll feel fit, full and might even score that next Instagram pic.