When the dining hall meat looks inedible and the vegetables are still frozen, we turn to certain foods to gain our daily dose of nutrients. These items went unnoticed at home, however, now that we’re in college, we deeply appreciate these basic food items. We rely on these staples to feel full and satisfied when the dining hall food looks extra questionable.


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Cereal used to be just a boring breakfast food, but now it’s a pillar of collegiate eating. Whether eaten as a meal or study snack, cereal never lets us down. An assortment of cereal is readily available in the dining hall, so this popular breakfast food became a trustworthy alternative. Always know you can turn to a hardy bowl of Cheerios or Captain Crunch to save the day. Cereal, we’re sorry we didn’t appreciate you until now.



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Keep a box of oatmeal in your dorm room because this multipurpose food will keep you feeling full and energized throughout the day. Sleep a few extra minutes by preparing a batch in your room instead of taking the time to eat breakfast in the dining halls. Upgrade your oatmeal with just a few simple ingredients.

Peanut Butter


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Nothing is better than a large jar of peanut butter. When getting your daily protein is impossible when surrounded by questionable dining hall meat, use peanut butter as your healthy alternative. It can be found in any dining hall but is also perfect to keep in your dorm room.



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Fruit is easily accessible at home, however, this healthy treat is nowhere to be found in dining halls besides the occasional apples, bananas, and oranges. When the dining hall has a good supply, snag some extra to store in your dorm room. Try to keep some fruit lying around for a delicious snack or to add in your morning oatmeal.

Easy Mac


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Easy Mac is the most popular meal when all else fails in the dining hall. Easy Mac makes any college student feel like a gourmet chef. Try adding a few simple ingredients to spice up your Easy Mac.