And the time has come. Just like that, finals have made their way into our lives. For many of us, the stress is at an all time high. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And happiness will return when you take your last final.

Since it's time to buckle down, focus, and concentrate on the material at hand, I have listed below five foods that will help strengthen the brain, because knowing all the vocabulary for organic chemistry is not okay. Ever.

1. Salmon

salmon, meat, barbecue, steak, fish, seafood
Jessica Yu

Not only does Salmon make the list for being one of the most nutritious foods out there, but it also contains omega-3 fatty acids to keep your brain alert and focused. According to Dr. Axe, a well-known doctor of natural medicine, Salmon improves memory, and contains so many vitamins that your brain can only benefit from this super food. Whether eating salmon on a bagel, or eating sashimi, this bad boy will help you ace your test. I promise... unless it's hard... then I'm sorry.

2. Coconut Oil

milk, yogurt
Jake Multer

Coconut oil can be used to make a lot of different kinds of dishes and in basically every meal. From being a makeup remover, to topping on a sweet potato, the number of purposes for coconut oil is actually more mind-blowing than every season finale of The Walking Dead. It contains medium-chain fatty acids, which are the perfect source for energy. The digestion of these acids by the liver creates a readily accessible energy supply to the brain. What? I'm already loco for coco(nut oil).

3. Beets

sweet, beet, vegetable, candy
Susan Ye

I honestly don't understand why beets get such a bad rap. Maybe it's their color that stains your tongue, or the fact that their an "adult" vegetable, but I personally love them. Nitrates in the beets boost blood flow, helping mental performance.

The Quinoa Salad with Roasted Beets and Pear is my absolute favorite thing to make. I also love to pair them with goat cheese and a little balsamic dressing. Wow... now I'm seriously so excited to eat beets after I finish writing thi--. Sorry, I'm back.. I couldn't wait. Just eat your beets!

4. Walnuts

cereal, corn, honey, nut, walnut, sweet, granola, popcorn
Torey Walsh

Walnuts are hella high in antioxidants, omega 3's, and their triglyceride levels. Eating a handful a day will improve a person's cognitive function, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association. This convenient snack, containing vitamin E, can also help with long-term health benefits like warding off Alzheimers disease. And with that, I couldn't find a walkout joke so onto the last food. 

5. Blueberries

blueberry, berry, pasture, bilberry, sweet, blackberry
Hannah Linn

Besides the fact that blueberries can be topped on pretty much anything and taste delicious, they contain the highest and largest array of antioxidants, including vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. They have high levels of gallic acid, which means that they are good at protecting the brain from stress and degeneration. A bunch of recipes with blueberries can be found here, and you're good to go.