The Tuesday/Thursday procession of food trucks by the SMU flagpole is something unheard of by students at a lot of other schools, and something we shouldn't take for granted. I stopped by the food trucks about once a week almost all of last year. My personal experience and observation of others has caused the most popular trucks and items to become all too obvious.

The beginning of this year threw me for a loop because of all of the new options on rotation (hello, waffle truck), but ample time spent near Dallas Hall lawn with my plastic fork has led me to discover the five best food trucks on campus. 

5. Bobaddiction

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This truck is a sight to see on a hot day. Cold, creamy tea with jellies or tapioca can be ordered quickly between classes and is guaranteed to elicit jealous stares from others. Don't worry, the sealed lid means you can bring it to class (unless your teacher is super strict). My go-to is a large taro ice tea with extra boba.

4. Ssahm BBQ

Spanish-style tacos with Korean flavors pack a unique punch, so don't shy away when Ssahm rolls up onto campus. Grab a plate and dig in for a cheap, filling and Texas-approved meal!

3. Ruthie's Rolling Cafe

Something about hot grilled sandwiches has a mood-boosting effect. Crispy bread, melted cheese, and flavorful meat can be swapped out to create your perfect sammy (gluten-free options available as well). Insider tip: get slob sauce on your 'wich for a happy lunch.

2. Press Waffle Co.

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Nicole Cohen

This truck, new to campus this year and quick to climb the ranks, boasts traditional Belgian waffles with ample topping options. Luckily, they have pre-set options of some house favorites. Be warned though, the sight of this truck has caused me to abandon my search for a savory lunch in favor of a Nutella-drizzled treat many times. Worth it. 

1. Easy Slider Co.

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Nicole Cohen

The lines at this truck might give it away as one of the best, not just at SMU but all across Dallas. Tiny burgers with bundle deals ($9 for two and $11 for three) and shocking flavors (brie and pear, yum!) mean you can try a little bit of everything. They have a rotating monthly special, as well as a chalkboard list of favorites that make up the main menu. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet or savory, Easy Slider won't disappoint. 

So, next time you see the food trucks gracing our beautiful campus, don't hesitate to stop by for a quick treat. You'll be happy you did.