We're all on the same page here. College students are plagued by all-nighters with infinite cups of coffee, stressing over midterms, and, honestly, being broke. Personally, all my money goes to late night fast food runs, Starbucks, everything with a school logo on it, and textbooks, obvs.

For anyone who is a worshiper of food, we know the struggle when it comes to buying kitchen items. So let's take some time to forget that we can’t afford these, and just pretend like they're ours.

1. Blossom One Coffee Maker: $5,950

What else is there to say? Coffee makes the college life possible. This coffee maker from Blossom is here to help us out with the perfection of the brewing process. It's designed for single cup brewing of a tea or coffee of your choice. Although until we find $6,000 dollars to spare, we'll stick to hacking our Starbucks order.

2. Valek Rolling Pin: $26-$60 

We love it when our products can make us unique, and Valek rolling pins don't disappoint. These rolling pins are all designed by the owner of Valek, who creates them through a laser engraver. Designs range from animals to flowers to fruit, and you can also order a personalized design. Show off your baking talents and impress your family with some designer cookies.

3. Cricut Cake Personal Electronic Cutter: $400

No more plain cakes from a box, now amateur bakers can transform any cake into a beautiful masterpiece. This machine makes decorating baked goods super simple. You can choose from their pre-loaded designs or upload your own. It's basically a printer for fondant and gum paste—what a time to be alive.

4. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker: $120

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Good day or bad, ice cream is always the answer. This handy little machine can make fro-yo, sherbet, or ice cream in about 20 minutes. No matter what kind of Friday night you're having, you can impress your friends with some fancy homemade ice cream or you can pretend you're on Chopped—without the worry of over-churning.

5. KitchenAid Stand Mixer: $350-$700

The classic kitchen item for foodies everywhere. There's nothing this baby can’t do. Cookies, of course. Pizza dough, check. Guacamole, why not. There's a reason why so many people want these stand mixers. They're versatile, powerful, and make you look like a pro even when you're just making a box cake.

#SpoonTip: KitchenAid recently announced a smaller and lighter stand mixer. This also means they'll be more affordable!