For us college kids, school is thankfully out for the summer, but for the rest of the country school is still in session. If you’re like me, you’re scrambling to find a quick and cheap gift for the soon to be high school graduates but good news, I’ve found some easy dessert ideas when you’re looking to do something sweet.

1. Graduation Cap Cupcakes

graduation gifts

Photo by Caroline Alexander

One of the most monumental parts of graduation is the cap toss at the end of the ceremony. So, to add some extra flair to an ordinary cupcake, make a homemade “cap” on top with a few easy ingredients. If you want to personalize your cupcake even more, buy a batter that coordinates with the school that your friend or family member is graduating from, or just take a basic cake batter and add food coloring to match the school’s colors.

2. Sprinkle Cake Pops

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of @totallycakepop on Instagram

Cake pops are the perfect dessert when you’re hosting a grad party because they’re not only easy to make, but also serve as a great grab-and-go treat while you’re socializing. To add the personal touch, dip your pop in sprinkles that match the school’s colors.

3. Chocolate Diplomas

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of @smorekisses on Instagram

Want to be super festive? Make these diplomas out of premade Ho-Hos, or homemade swiss cake rolls. To add the little extra touch, wrap the cake with a colored ribbon to represent the school.

4. Chocolate-Covered Pretzels

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of @thepretzelspot on Instagram

These easy chocolate dipped pretzels are the perfect mix between sweet and salty. Dip your favorite pretzel type — twist or rod — in melted chocolate, then add the sprinkle colors of your choice.

5. Decorated Sugar Cookies

graduation gifts

Photo courtesy of @belladolcebakingco on Instagram

Feeling a little more on the creative side? Make your own personalized cookies with either prepackaged sugar cookie mix or homemade mix. To make the cookies into the intended shapes, buy cookie cutters at your local craft store. After your cookie is baked and ready to be iced, decorate your sugar cookies.

Now go and make a sweet treat to congratulate the graduating class of 2016. You will for sure impress your family and friends with these creative and delicious desserts.