Every college student's priorities are work, sleep, occasional parties, and a healthy lifestyle. These 5 easy healthy college recipes are easy to prepare in your dorm or apartment. These meals only have a few calories and can fill you up. These are cheap as the recipes all require the same essential ingredients so that your grocery list is not overwhelming. And you will spend less than $50 at the grocery store. Here are the 5 healthy college meals.

1. College Stir Fry or Hibachi

This may sound gourmet or intimidating to make, but it is simple, quick, affordable, and easy to create. The stir fry takes less than 10 minutes to make. All you need are Mushrooms, Brown Rice, Shrimp, Olive Oil, and Salt. Throw your Minute Rice in the microwave. Then, mix in all the ingredients in a basic skillet You can substitute the mushrooms with carrots and shrimp with another protein of your choice (tofu, calamari, etc.)

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2. Salad from Scratch with a twist

All you need are Arugula, Almonds, Avocado, Sriracha, Sautéed Mushrooms. You can sprinkle it with some salt and pepper to give it more flavor. 

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3. Burrito Bowl 

A perfect easy college meal that you can heat everything in your microwave. And it will taste exactly but healthier than a chain burrito bowl like chipotle. All you need are these 5 ingredients: brown rice, corn, beans, avocado, sauce. An excellent sauce to use is either hot sauce, medium/mild mango salsa, sour cream. To garnish it off and bring in more flavor, squeeze some lemon or lime and garnish it with cilantro - to taste like the Chipotle Cilantro Rice. If you are filling a handheld food, then transfer all the ingredient to a wheat tortilla, and create a burrito or a quesadilla (which can be cooked on a skillet or in the oven on Bake)

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4. Winter Buddha Bowl 

An easy meal where you can pop everything in the microwave if you want. If you're going to go the fancy route, you can cook it in a skillet in some olive oil before mixing all your ingredients. All you need is Minute Brown Rice, sweet potatoes, broccoli/spinach, citrus vinaigrette. All you need to do for the sweet potato is to stick a fork in the potato and put it straight in the microwave for a minute or until it is soft and hot. 

5. Jackfruit Crab Cakes 

You might be thinking - what is jack fruit? Or your calling this cheap and affordable? Don't freight. It is easy. Buy the Trader Joe's Jack Fruit Crab Cakes in the freezer section and some mushrooms. When you get home, you take a baking sheet - grease the sheet with olive oil and put the Faux Crab Cakes on with the mushrooms so that they can sauté in the olive oil in the oven as well. 

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These 5 healthy college meals can help you spend less on your meals and simplify your grocery list. These 5 cheap, healthy college meals for beginners will minimize your time at the grocery store as you will only spend 5 minutes at the grocery store.

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